I Want To Go Fast

His hands gripped the leather steering wheel, whiting his knuckles as he slammed his foot hard onto the pedal causing the convertible BMW to accelerate sharply.

Over the sound the engine he heard her squeal and giggle as she was thrown back into the passenger seat and her hair whipped around her face.

In his peripheral vision he caught sight of her hitching up the hem of her dress and parting her thighs. She slipped her hand between, coating her fingers and held them up towards him. He glanced from the road to see her slick juices dripping from her fingertips.

"See how excited I am, Sir?" She chided with a smirk.

He grasped her wrist and sucked her fingers clean, the taste of her made him hungry for more and he shifted in his seat.

Her hand dropped to his lap and she dug her nails into his thighs through the denim of his black jeans. His cock twitched hard against his underwear and he took his eyes off the road to meet hers, she locked him in a fierce stare, licking her lips through a wicked grin.
She unfasted her seatbelt with one hand and the buckle of his belt with the other.

He threw back his head briefly as a low growl rumbled up from deep within his throat before fixing his eyes back on the road and shifting in his seat, helping her to free his now rock solid cock from it's fabric confines.

He sprung free as she roughly pulled down his jeans and briefs to his thighs. She positioned herself over the center console so that he could now feel her hot breath over him.
Her fingers curled around his length and she extended her tongue flat over the head, lapping up the silky, salty beads of precum before quickly taking him wholly, deep into the soft, wet warmth of mouth.
His whole body tensed and he slammed his foot down, the car accelerated, his breath hitched as he felt her squeal again, this time around his expanding growth. The vibration of her voice intensified the sensations now gripping him, he laced his fingers through her hair and pushed her head down further, letting out a feral growl as he felt himself slide even deeper into her eager throat.

"Oh. Fuck."

She worshiped him as they sped down the highway, passing other cars, her tongue flicking up and down his length, her throat gripping his girth, she swallowed him, working to draw out his release.
He couldn't help himself, he pressd the pedal flat to the floor yet again as he neared his climax, the exhilaration of the speed, the wet heat of her over him and the vibration of her moans caused him to expload.

"Yes. Fuck. Good girl"

She swallowed all he gave and lifted her head to kiss his neck as he sank into his seat, melting into the leather.
She slid back into hers, leaving a visible damp mark on the leather.

"Thank you, Sir" she purred through a feline grin.

Sometimes I have a way with words and sometimes words have a way with me. Writing under a pseudonym. Short stories, prose, poetry and so on.