Drawing the key from the lock, I stepped through the door to our apartment, the click-clack of my Louboutin stilettos dull against the hardwood boards of the hallway as I shimmied into the darkness. He followed, brutishly closing the door as a low growl brewed up from his belly…

The Adulterers


Amelie slipped the sunscreen into her rucksack and zipped it closed, her phone buzzed on the sideboard beside her and a wave of nervous excitement ripped through her lower body, causing her to clench her thighs and draw in a sharp breath. …

I Want To Go Fast

His hands gripped the leather steering wheel, whiting his knuckles as he slammed his foot hard onto the pedal causing the convertible BMW to accelerate sharply.

Over the sound the engine he heard her squeal and giggle as she was thrown back into the passenger…

Strike one
A scratch
Strike two
A spark
Strike three
A fire burns
And you come
Inside me

  • K.A

As the first light of day creeps in, painting pale golden hues across your face, you feel the warmth as a soft kiss and you stir from your slumber, heart, soul and body aching for whom you miss.

  • K.A

Into the Forest

“Follow me" he says, leading her by the hand off the footpath and deeper into the trees; the darker, quieter, cooler depths.
She grips his arm tightly, her hearing and sense of smell heightened while her eyes are blind, bound by a silk scarf securely fastened. …

Forever chasing that particular sensation, where the world fades away and there’s nothing left but me, you and those particular things you do...


Lying amidst the aftermath of our ferocious fire the ashes fall like snow, flutters of lust and desire blanket us as we retire. Arm in arm, legs entwined. You and I alone.

  • K.A

Desperate Measures

Desperate need called for desperate measures, and she needed release - desperately.
As she slumped into her office chair, she hit the intercom button, perhaps a little harder than she intended and asked her assistant to cancel her next meeting.
The last had left her feeling tense and frustrated…

I count upon grains of sand

All the ways in which I crave you

And even the longest

Shores are not enough...


Katherine Asteria

Sometimes I have a way with words and sometimes words have a way with me. Writing under a pseudonym. Short stories, prose, poetry and so on.

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