Hey, Asterios: Where’s That Essay You Post Every Time There’s A Mass Shooting?

Hey everyone. Asterios Kokkinos here, with a little “peek behind the curtain” of my social media account.

There was a horrific mass shooting yesterday, and a lot of people are asking: “Asterios, where’s that essay you always post every time there’s a mass shooting?”

Sorry it’s late…but it won’t be in the future! You see, I’ve spent a little extra time to create a series of customizable social media templates. That way, I can tailor the “share” graphic to match each senseless & eminently preventable event. Here’s a look!

This first image is sized to Twitter (with its 2:1 preview ratio), and has an editable text field. That way, I can change easily swap in and out the hashtag we associate with the deaths of real human beings who were just trying to live out their lives.

…but I know what you’re thinking: “Asterios, what about the dimensions of a Facebook share graphic? That’s not 2:1, it’s 4:3.” Uh…way ahead of you! ;-)

I popped open the canvas editor and adjusted the ratio. It’s not true 4:3, but hey: nobody’s perfect!

Speaking of situations that aren’t perfect, there have been 45 different shootings on school campuses this year alone. 3 months to go.

Finally, here it is sized to Facebook. Notice how the negative space above and below the text draws your eye to the fact that you read about these tragedies so often, you’ve become numb to them.

And here’s the final result:

Now that’s a well-crafted share graphic, perfect for mobile or desktop viewing alike.

Again: sorry this is late, but given the sense of overwhelming fear the NRA instills in politicians who propose even the most minor of common sense gun reforms, I’m sure I’ll get to post it again and again.