I Ate The Entire Slamtastic Four Menu Live On Jordan, Jesse, Go.

Halfway through my meal, my hand started shaking…with excitement!

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I was perhaps the world’s biggest fan of the Denny’s Hobbit Menu (see: this video). So one of my favorite podcasts in the world, Jordan, Jesse, Go!, asked me to come on and review Denny’s new “Slamtastic Four” menu. I said, “How about I eat the whole thing at once, live?” They asked me not to do that. Here are some photos of me doing that:

Here’s the menu…including the terrifyingly delicious Dr. Doom Lava Cake!
The Thing Burger, The Invisible Slam & The Fantastic Four Cheese Omelette. The cheese stretches, like Mr. Fantastic!
The Human Torch Sizzling Skillet, Dr. Doom’s Lava Cake & The Fantastic Four Fruit Smoothie. I’m getting hungry just looking at these!
The Fantastic Four Fruit smoothie looked so delicious, I just couldn’t wait to drink it all!
Halfway through my meal, my hand started shaking…with excitement!
Looks like I’m the latest member of the clean plate club!
If only Dr. Doom could defeat the Fantastic Four this easily!
So long, Strawberry Pancake Puppies!
By the end of my meal, this is what my whole life looked like!
I took a photo of my face every few minutes…enjoy!

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