I didn’t write a story yesterday (yep, picking up on Medium’s phraseology — am I using that word right?). I fell into a YouTube hole and only surfaced to go to bed at one am. Today also disappeared down a YouTube hole, for the most part. Except for lunch with my mum.

When my mum and I get together, we talk. We can’t shut up to the point that, when one other person is around, they get overwhelmed.

I haven’t seen her in a long time, because she was in the States visiting my grandfather, who has been unwell. So I was happy to catch up with her.

We ended up talking about documentaries, books, cults, science, crime and some of my favourite YouTubers. This lead us to talking about self-acceptance and being comfortable in your own skin, regardless of size. This is something we’re both passionate about, and one day (when I’m more comfortable with blogging), I’m going to write a proper article about it. In fact, looking back at the list at the top of this paragraph, I could write an article on each of those subjects and my opinions on them.

Another thing that happened today — after months of no caffeine, I decided to have two coffees. I’d planned to have one to test the waters, but forgot to ask for decaf when I ordered my second coffee. And now I’ve got a headache and my heart is pumping in my ears. Possibly unrelated and/or psychosomatic (am I using that word right?), but I’m going right back to no caffeine tomorrow.

Due to the stream-of-conscious nature of my stories at the moment, I’m struggling with a way to wrap this one up. So here’s my ungraceful way of saying thanks for reading, and I hope you’ll check out some of my other stories.

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