Jul 17 · 4 min read

About 50 years ago, in an age of anticipation and remarkable achievements, a man stepped out of a spacecraft and on to the moon. That spacecraft was quite antiquated by today’s standards, making it all the more momentous. It was a singular act, somewhat courageous, quite exceptional and distinguished. It was, and remains a marker, gilt-edged, and made those who took the journey, famous. It was estimated that over 600,000 million people looked on at the first moon landing from around the world. Back then we’d call it “cool” and today we may call it “sick”, but whatever the terminology we all realize that an adventure had begun. It proved that space may be ours!

Yet today, these many “moons” later, we still look upward on the clear evening night and in wonderment imagine a time and place where we may endeavor to go to, there and beyond. It is a dream for sure.

Space beckons us all, it always has from the ancients to the present. From our childhood we sang “twinkle, twinkle little star…” to SpaceX and Blue Origin and NASA and ESA, we dare to go.

Lest we forget that life itself is an adventure, a story to be told, our story and theirs, and the community beckons our humanity to achieve, to be and become. As we reach for these stars we are just realizing the vast wealth contained within them. The very essence of adventure often revolves around discovery of new resources, new treasure, new lands to be claimed. Each of these open up new horizons, new opportunities and, of course, new challenges. As the door to space opens and we partake in the new horizon, beyond limit, we are sometimes reminded of our childhood, when the world beyond was across the street. It was when our little minds saw the world at large but weren’t quite bold enough or mature enough to make the journey. But, eventually we did and a world beyond opened and life became more to discover, more to embrace, more to learn and more to our individual story.

In this way, as we reach to the stars, we may each be a party to and help the journey for ourselves and our posterity. Each together, through the “magic” of new technology, such as a BlockClaim™, we become a small but significant part of the adventure, bringing new treasure to ourselves and to those about us. But to be a part we must take that “small step” and if enough of us participate it will become that “giant leap” for all humankind.

Spaceship Earth, which is hovering about in a “goldilocks zone” that keeps us, nurtures us and provides for us, is our launch site. The Space above beckons us with treasure untold.

It is estimated that there is over $700 Quintillion dollars of Asteroids nearby, tempting us to explore and to bring back the inestimable wealth contained within them. All we need do is to claim them.

Asteroid Ltd. through a new blockchain technology and a cryptocurrency, can help you make your claim.

Simply, it’s called a BlockClaim™, where you will be able to make a claim, or multiple claims if you wish, to several asteroids in nearby orbit. As the space miners take flight, your claim will be kept in an immutable record on a the blockchain. We are presently making a simple app to make this possible for you to participate in the adventure.

To make a claim you will use a new cryptocurrency called an ASTRcoin. Think of it as much like a Bitcoin, but with a significant difference. It will represent a value in itself but have liquidity as millions upon millions of people use it to lodge their BlockClaims™.

It may be well time to buy a few ASTRcoin; what we like to refer to as “The Bitcoin of Space”.

Get involved. Get some ASTRcoin and make your name heard as we finish the BlockClaim™ app.

Space is, after all, the final frontier. Become part of the adventure; get the children and the family involved as well. Who can really predict what this will bring to you and yours, but if we don’t claim … well, you figure that one out?

Get some ASTRcoin now so you may be one of the first to make your BlockClaim™.

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