The ASTRcoin and the Quintilian dollar Asteroid Mining Market.

Jul 17 · 4 min read

Just how much is this?

It is hard to imagine the abundance that surrounds us. To give you a simple picture that we may be able to conceptualize, it is estimated that all the particles of sand on all the beaches, oceans and desserts equal 7.5 Quintilian particles.

Now consider for a moment that there are $700 Quintilian dollars of minerals presently identified on over 600,000 Asteroids.

That is 100 times more than all the sand on earth! Imagine each piece of sand being worth a dollar and then multiply this by 100 and you’ll get a sense of how much worth there is in our near celestial orbit.

However, when we speak about numbers so vast, so incomprehensible to the human mind, so incredibly unfathomable, that to even conceive of their monstrous size is visionary.

Yet, NASA, ESA and others have identified and calculated the value of these objects to be over $700 Quintilian dollars. Our near solar system holds these objects and space is even more limitless.

We can become aware of these numbers and nod our heads. Wrapping our minds around it is something we are not able to fully comprehend but we must make some effort to realize the vast potential that this opportunity may mean to us individually, and that of our friends and neighbors. To neglect or disregard this will be to our loss while others, about us, will reckon correctly and grasp the good fortune.

This is the moment, or quite possibly OUR moment, when in time and space, there is a juncture, an occasion, where what we do will befall us and bring to us a true discovery and subsequent abundance.

The opportunity is twofold for those who can collectively imagine this boundless opportunity that surrounds us.

Firstly, we may partake of the rebounding of what is known as cryptocurrency. To be sure, presently, it is speculative, as the “bears” and the “bulls” position themselves in a battle for supremacy. We can join with the tens of millions worldwide who recognize that cryptocurrency is an excellent new way to store wealth, ensure liquidity and create an immutable record of ownership. Presently, it is a highly ideological market, but the metrics are there, and the writing is on the wall. When it will become mainstream is a matter of conjecture and the pundits vacillate, but the “train is coming” down the tracks, we need but hop on board.

Secondly, the ASTRcoin is the only way you may secure a BlockClaim™ to an Asteroid, thereby affording you access to the vast resources of space.

Hence, you might think of ASTRcoin as “The NEW Bitcoin of Space”.

ASTRcoin will have a resident value and liquidity as the crypto markets take off and provide a consistent sustainable value as we make our BlockClaims™.

Remarkably, ASTRcoin may turn out to be the functional cryptocurrency of space exploration. It’s simple to see. No fiat currency can provide instant liquidity while being functionally disassociated with fiat currency on the earth.

Can one say that a US Dollar will rule space, as it does on the planet? Will one be happy with a Chinese RMB, or Russian Ruble, or for that matter a EURO from the European Union? All of these currencies, although currently acceptable and functional, have shown their weaknesses in banking, legitimacy and failures in recent history.

Space should be, in our view, completely decentralized. Clearly, no single government should be able to seize control of the system, nor should any single player be able to take advantage of it.

Space is the perfect place for what we call a “do-over”.

Bitcoin has seen its remarkable growth simply because it is an alternative repository for earned income, a possible safe haven with sufficient liquidity to enthrall the masses. It is the pioneer cryptocurrency.

Simply, ASTRcoin is the next logical step. It’s a bold new vision, backed by over $200,000,000,000 billion in BlockClaims™. It will provide a significant use case as many millions purchase ASTRcoin for their BlockClaims™. This will create a steady and consistent liquidity for the ASTRcoin.

ASTRcoin is supremely positioned to become the new standard, not just a “flash-in-the-pan” ICO, but a sustainable and liquid currency for the here and now, and as humankind begins its next adventure into space, as had been said, “the final frontier”.

So, to coin a phrase, let us together make that “one small step for [a] man”, and in concert, “one giant leap for mankind”.

Space is ours. We can have dominion and untold prosperity if we unite together to make it happen. This is truly up to us, you, me, our family and friends. As we create a bond we will become a voice that will be heard.

Using blockchain technology, creating a BlockClaim™, will insure us our immutable record. We have this opportunity because of the Outer Space Treaty, signed in 1967, giving each one of us the right to claim, but as in all claims we must unite together to become a significant voice. Oh! And let’s all make some money on the way!

Join the adventure!

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