Loving too much? Finding content in dissatisfaction …

This should be classified more of an observation than a story. I bet it would be the relatable state for almost everyone in the young generation group, the X- generation with the X- methods. But the fact in itself, to find content in dissatisfaction is a loop in itself which I have been struggling for some time now. Having gone through the Buddhist psychology, Zen meditation to understand the ‘logic’ rather ‘technique’ of reaching the state of content at almost all times.

This is about a guy and a girl where the girls is head over heels with clear indication to let go and move on but why does she want to hold on and try knowing the the timer is up now? Is the returns she is waiting for or is it that she is too engulfed in this race that she fails to see the end?

Like they say “ You get addicted to a certain kind of sadness” !

I do not want love, I do not want the perfection now. The happy ending of this story grosses me. I feel like the window with a creak and sunlight shining through it. The window does not want to open, it has learnt it ways to adjust the eyes to the available brightness and is calm here. Yes, the sunshine is outside and sunshine is happy, but its cosy comfortable here with no need to brighten. This does not make the window a saddist or a loser, does it?

This has become a journey with a struggle where there are part hopes and part resignation. The basic human nature clings to things, refuses to give up and struggles till the last failing to accept the bad. Well, there is nothing that can defeat the basic human nature.

Quoting lines from Siddhartha (by Herman Hesse): “Gentleness is stronger than severity, water is stronger than rock, Love is stronger than force”.