Top 5 Indian vegetarian budget friendly Food Recipes

In India as well as in abroad people love to eat Indian dishes. In abroad mostly non-veg is available so people like to know about some vegetarian recipes that can be made at home easily. These days many people like students and working men or women are staying away from their homes and parents for study or work and face many problems in preparing food, due to which they get some health problems as well.

So if you want to keep yourself healthy, then there are some easy vegetarian recipes that can help you to make food easily. So, I am going to share some Indian food recipes that you can prepare easily at home.

  1. Raw Mango Curry:

As we all know that Indian dishes are consists of many spices, vegetables, herbs, fruits etc, so this dish is one of the unique dishes in the country. To prepare this dish you need to get some curry leaves, cardamoms, curry powder, red chilies etc. This is the tone of the best dish to eat in summers with rice and you can make it within 20 minutes easily. This is the best dish for the people who love to eat spicily. To know the recipe of this dish you can visit: .

2. Mango Quinoa Salad:

If you want to take a break from heavy meals at weekend then you can try this dish which can be prepared in very less time. For this, you will need grapefruit juice, red onion, lime, zest, olive oil, and some more ingredients. You can make this salad in tart as well as sweet as per your taste requirements. For fitness freaks, this is the best meal to eat in breakfast. To know more about this dish, go to

3. Fry Cauliflower:

With the help of cauliflower, you can make many dishes but this dish is one of the tastiest Indian food recipes of cauliflower. You can eat this dish for breakfast, lunch or dinner and it can be prepared in 30 minutes only. The fried cauliflower can be prepared crispy or soft with spicy or without spicy and can be eaten up with paranthas, chapatis or bread. Know how to prepare here:

4. Paneer Butter Masala:

The paneer butter masala is one of the most likely recipes of most of the people which can be made easily. You can make this dish creamy, buttery, tangy and mildly. It is available in mostly all the restaurants and you can eat it with rice and chapati. If you don’t like paneer then you can use mushroom instead of paneer but if you want to make Paneer Butter masala then use cream and butter to put an amazing taste in the dish. This is one of the delicious vegetarian dishes. This dish is also known as paneer masala and butter paneer masala. To know more and recipe of this dish you can visit:

5. Chana Masala:

If you want to eat a lip-smacking Punjabi dish then you can try chana masala which has amazing taste. This dish is very popular in north India mostly in Punjab and Delhi. It has a perfect balance of spiciness and taste. Chole masala has a mixture of onion, ginger, and tomato which makes it awesome to eat with kulcha, bhatura, naan, tandoori rotis, and chapatis. You can also eat this dish with jeera rice. If you want to learn how to make chana masala then got to this link: .

So, these are some of the easiest vegetarian dishes that you can make at your home easily.