Demons Of Me

I felt tied

And suffocated

And frustrated

And irritated

So I tried

And I explained

But I failed

So I lied.

Who understand

None lift a hand

None be the friend

Just wait till end

When I cried

Almost died

My feelings suppressed

They made me depressed.

Lived in cocaine

It killed the brain

Made me insane

Didn’t take the pain.

My downfall

That wasn’t all

I saw you laugh

Break me in half

You’re always there

And everywhere

When I sleep

When I wake.

You haunt me hard

And keep me jarred

Into the crowd

I see you proud

To make me cry

And then deny

Call me your friend

But you descend.

I want to run

Foe you are numb

What do you need

Want me to plead?

I am hollow inside

Just be aside.

It’s not too late

I’ll write my fate

Erase my mind

Don’t let me find

Any of those

Just do your job.

If you surpass

Try to harass

You know it well

I’ll teach you else

I hate you all

I’ll kill you all

Each one of you

And you will sue.

I’ve warned enough

You want me rough

Now just be there

And see the glare

I hear you scream

And it’s serene

You can’t frown

I am bringing you down

You no more belong

I feel so strong

I assure you this

You Demons of me

Now I am free

You all are burnt

So go with the swarm

Won’t let you reborn.

I’ve stood again

I’ve broken the bonds

I am only me

You all are lost

I promise to me

You Demons of me

No one to fear

No one can dare

If I am me

And now I am only me.

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