Is Turquoise the color that twinkle your eye? Go Seychellois!

The beautiful African country will welcome you in its divine beauty and you will go green and blue. The delight begins long before you step on the pretty island. Experiencing the boundless blue Indian Ocean coming closer every fraction of a second while you land is enchanting and once again you would wonder who The Creator is?


Around 15 islands have an airport and the rest can be reached by the spectacular ferry ride. Every island has something to offer but just a few are tropical and green. Others are blue but the beaches are deserted and barren. If you are on a honeymoon or a short holiday, hitting too many wouldn’t be a good idea. Instead, do your research and select three to four of’em with the one on top of the list being La Digue.

What you shouldn’t miss?

Snorkeling midst the calm waves of hushed beaches of Beau Vallon(pronounced Bu Vaalo) bay on the Mahe island can become the best one you’ve ever experienced.

If Turtles are your fantasy, Turtle Conservation Center at the Curieuse island is so gonna fulfill it. Although turtles exist on other islands too, but elsewhere it’s your luck. I got a peek under the bushes on La Digue.

Ferry is of-course another stupendous ride. Mason’s travels is a popular excursion organizer. They charge ~135 Euros for ~120 km round trip. PS: You can get the best of it on the deck, so act flashy and be among the first few in the queue, if you want to avoid the usual boring air conditioned cabin seat. You can stand on the deck for short distances like Praslin to La Digue and it will be even more relishing. Also, be close to empty on the ride, else your gut can be a prey to the tide.

Scuba Diving in Seychelles is considered among the top 10 dives in the world. Visibility is at its best in March — May and October — November months. Bissare Rocks, Shark Bank and Fisherman’s cove are the most popular diving sites. You cannot afford to miss the splendid topography of coral reefs, wrecks, canyons and diverse marine life(lionfish, nudibranchs, butterflyfish, octopus, angelfish, reef sharks , hawksbill turtles etc). A half day scuba dive will cost ~90 Euros.

Bicycling across the length of the La Digue island is something unique that no other island will offer. Most beaches are isolated and needs bit of a dare to take a dip. You cannot realize a crab close by because it will be as white as the sand. You can stop by every beach at your convenience and spend the day relaxing, cycling, sun bathing, shooting the picturesque La Digue.

Dine Creole

Do not miss to grab a sub or pizza at the airport because you might have to starve for spices for the next few days if you are a vegan. Most resorts and hotels provide a complimentary breakfast buffet — sumptuous, healthy and delicious. Creole food is Seychelles’ specialty and can be best tried at a Creole dinner buffet at a restaurant or Creole food fest every Wednesday evening at Beau Vallon. Unsurprisingly, there is an Indian restaurant too called Mahek at Beau Vallon but it can be high on pocket!

Did you miss the horizon and witness the undisturbed and gentle mingling of blue waters and blue skies?

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