Yesterday while walking through the corridor in college, I saw two crippled passionate girls, both of them were on the wheelchairs. Now you might be thinking, why I am calling those girls passionate ? because they have the passion towards their studies, after having conversation with them I came to know that they are pursuing English hons. , and they daily moves to third floor from the ground floor for the lactures . After meeting the girls I was sunk deep down thinking “ Lord have some mercy, to the benevolent beings , who are free from sins, pure souls, who had never hurted anyone intentionally or unintentionally and who carries a duffel bag of love for other fellow beings , everyone who is philanthropic .” but I realised here fate is playing its game. I felt so abjected as none of us can shape life according to our wishes . As life is not wishy washy . But how I met these strong girls who even dont make there weakness rule over them was also the fate.