How to add a GUI to your Golang app in 5 easy steps (powered by Electron)

Step 1: organize the project

|--+ resources
|--+ app
|--+ static
|--+ css
|--+ base.css
|--+ js
|--+ index.js
|--+ lib
|--+ ... (all the css/js libs we need)
|--+ index.html
|--+ icon.icns
|--+ icon.ico
|--+ icon.png
|--+ bundler.json
|--+ main.go
|--+ message.go

Step 2: implement the skeleton





Step 3: set up the communication between GO and Javascript

Communicating from Javascript to GO

Communicating from GO to Javascript

Step 4: bundle the app

  • a MacOSX app for darwin users
  • an .exe with a nice icon for windows users
  • a simple binary for linux users
$ go get -u
$ astilectron-bundler -v

Step 5: see it in action!


  • the size of the binary will be at least 50MB, and after the first execution the size of the folder containing the binary will be at least 200MB
  • the memory consumption can be a little bit hectic since Electron (that is running under the hood) has been known to not manage it that well

Freelance | Senior Backend Developer (GO) | |

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Quentin Renard

Quentin Renard

Freelance | Senior Backend Developer (GO) | |

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