‘Blockchain 3.0’ Xblocksystems, patented multidimensional blockchain

Xblocksystems announced on Feb 25th that the patent registration decision on “How to manage data through blockchain system and blockchain’ was completed by the Korean Intellectual Property Office.

Yong Suk Kwon, CTO of Xblocksystems said “this patent registration means that the technology has been verified for the innovation of multidimensional structured blockchain. We have already completed the overseas PCT application and secured a unique position in technology both domestically and overseas.”

Xblocksystems plans to focus on domestic commercialization and overseas market development in 2019 as well as the patent registration by not only domestic but also the U.S., China, Japan, and Southeast Asia and Europe. It has applied for various patents besides this patent regarding blockchain technology, and will continue to acquire patent technology as core technology is registered as a patent.”

The registered patent is a core technology of X.Blockchain developed by Xblocksystems, and it is characterized by implementing the existing linear blockchain structure in a multidimensional structure. It is possible to construct a network of independent blockchains as needed, freely implement a private blockchain a public blockchain, minimizing unnecessary block synchronization and enabling effective network management.

This is because the system that verifies the blockchain can be implemented in the existing PC-classed smartphone and low capacity PC environment, so that the virtual money is mounted on the Samsung Galazy S10, which is a hot topic recently, (mining) can be developed as a technology that can be developed by industry officials. Xblocksystems will continue to develop and constantly update its technology to implement blockchain optimized for electronic document that it can be recognized in the international stage.

Xblocksystems will invite experts not only from blockchain industry but also from various fields on March 5th to hold Xblockchain presentation with the completion of development ‘Xblockchain’ mainnet, which is an electronic document based multidimensional blockchain. Xblockchain will introduce the blockchain technology implemented based on patent technology, and present future application fields and methods.