[NOTICE] An Agreement for Coinrail Hacking damage relief

The Aston team signed an agreement with Linus Co. , Ltd. ( Coinrail ) on November 27, 2018, and agreed to the following remedies for Coinrail hacking damage relief.

1. Coinrail will provide members with information about the victims of hacking damage to the Aston team through consent procedures . (This is the procedure to determine the exact amount of damage.)
2. The Aston team will complete the development of the new mainnet at the time of conversion to Aston Coin to Coinrail will assist members identified by the Section 1. procedure with compensation for Aston Coin.
3. Coinrail Hacking Coins are subject to Coinrail, and the reimbursement methods and procedures are governed by the responsibility and authority of Coinrail .

As above, the agreement with the Coinrail has been completed . Please refer to Coinrail for further details .

The Aston team sympathizes with the suffering of the affected person, We decided to actively cooperate with the compensation of hacking victims. Thank you.