[NOTICE] Testnet results and upcoming mainnet launching schedule

Hi. This is ASTON TEAM.
We announce the main-net launch schedule. Ongoing testing net with intermediate result sharing.

[Aston announcement]

The Aston team released test-net on November 30, 2018 to ensure performance performance and stability.

Today, TestNet is stable at 1,500 to 2,000 TPS, which is well beyond the original target, despite the artificially configured low-end system and network environment. We are also running the bug-bounty program to ensure security that is the most important during this test period.

In addition to the bug-bounty program of KISA, we are verifying the stability of the source code and X.blockchain with various domestic and foreign blockchain research institutes demonstration environments.

In order to ensure the stability of main-net, X.blockchain technology, we are requesting additional technical verification from a group of verification organizations and expert advisors.

From January 2019, we will be testing with Aston Testnet based Dapps. (The Aston team will continue to expand the Aston Alliance by recruiting Aston based Dapp.)

Test net operation and main net open schedule.

• Testnet operation : November 30, 2018 — February 28, 2019
• Main Net Open Schedule : March 2019 ( To be announced later )

Aston will work with national and international expert groups to spur preparation and verification for the complete launch of the global block chain platform.

Thank you.