Xblocksystems Mainnet will be launched in Jan

Xblocksystems will launch the mainnet of the Xblockchain in upcoming January. Xblockchain, the center of ASTON project is decentralized electronic document platform. Currently, testnet that operates at 1500 TPS (transaction per second) has been already released.

A distinctive feature of Xblockchain is that it inhibits capacity growth. In the case of Ethereum, the blockchain size which used to be 20 GB in the beginning became 2 Terabytes, which means the data got 100 times larger.

Yong-Suk Kwon, CTO of Xblocksystems said “All the early emerging blockchains such as Bitcoin, Ethereum etc. are rapidly increased in its capacity. On the other hand, Xblockchain can control the capacity growth by connecting additional blocks through subchain.” Moreover, Xblocksystems plans to create an environment that can be also used on smartphones.

Xblocksystems was able to use this technology to conduct electronic voting system organized by the National Election Commission. SeungKi Kim, CEO of Xblocysmstems said “Xblockchain can be applied to any documents that needs authenticity check. For example, hospitals are sometimes paralyzed by documents related to claims of insurance at the end of year. Xblockchain can be the solution for such problems!”

One of the most annoying problems for Xblocksystems this year is the hacking of the Coinrail exchange. Xblocksystems tried to solve the problem but the compensation plan was cancelled due to uncooperative attitude of Coinrail.

The ASTON team sympathizes with the suffering of the affected person, the team decided to actively cooperate with the compensation of hacking victims.

For more details of the compensation plan, please visit ASTON website.

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