[Zoom In aston] ASTON’s the only payment method: ATX Incentives

ATX, issued through ASTON’s token sale can be used as a payment method for all kinds of commission including platform, document issuance and storage. In addition, ATX can be traded on global cryptocurrency exchanges.


Additional issued assets will be paid as compensation for block creation. X.Blockchain is based on a PBFT-based consensus algorithm. Additional issued assets will be paid to these validators as compensation for block validation and expansion.

In addition, X.Blockchain applies a DPoS consensus algorithm and provide the way to receive a portion of the additional issued assets, even if it is not a validator. All nodes on X.Blockchain can become delegator by ‘delegating’ their own equity to the desired validator. Nodes that could not become validators indirectly participate in the negotiation process as a delegator through this equity delegation method. It would be paid a portion of the reward the validator will receive.

Block Reward (BR) for the block creation is composed of additionally created asset and sum of commision of Tx. Validators (Vi) that participated in block consensus take BR(Vi).