[Zoom In Aston] Global decentralized document authentication platform

ASTON desires to create an ecosystem where all kinds of documents which need to be authenticated such as prescription of medicines, certificate of registration and others, etc. is verified through blockchain. The World ASTON hopes to create through ASTON is one whereby all participants become active authentication agents rather than the simple users of blockchain platforms.

ASTON developed electronic document platform based on multidimensional structured X.blockchain in order to create an ecosystem without verification of trusted third-party.

Through X.blockchain, we can verify the integrity of all kinds of documents prepared by not only government institutions but also small and middle sized private firms that finally can be free from vulnerabilities. In addition, by overcoming problems that existing blockchain data has, we could finally developed completely decentralized platform.

ASTON successfully concluded its ICO in 2017 by raising 25 billion KRW. Xblocksystems continuously develop blockchain based businesses to expand the industry whereby applying blockchain technology.

In addition, ASTON has listed its coin on 5 cryptocurrency exchanges. Through collaboration with other blockchain companies such as HEX, EBcoin, ASTON expects to expand its ecosystem.

ASTON tries to launch main net at the end of this year when the blockchain network is stable enough. ASTON is in the progress of developing tool to utilize ASTON such as Aston Wallet, block searching devices etc.

ASTON has made an agreement with BCoin of Singapore to expand its business in global market.

From Nov 20th through 21st, ASTON will participate in BIIC 2018 (Blockchain Industry Innovation Conference) held at Seoul Dragoncity Hotel. Please come and ask us any questions you have! 
As always, we are thankful for your tremendous support!