[Inside] A year across the European InsurTech scene — 2018

The European InsurTech market is full of local events where startups, corporates and investors meet to discuss trends or business opportunities. Having a vertical focus on insurance-related startups at astorya.vc, we are careful to be deeply connected to each local InsurTech hub. That’s why we were glad to speak or partner with so many InsurTech events all over Europe in 2018.

Dec 27, 2018 · 2 min read

Milan — FinTech Stage

Amsterdam — DIA

Luxembourg — ICT Spring

Paris — VivaTechnology

Warsaw — The Heart

Madrid — The Global Summit for Insurance Innovation

London — InsurTech Rising Europe

Vienna — MOI

Brussels — Digital Finance Europe 2018

Zurich — FinTech+

Madrid — South Summit

Munich — DIA

Luxembourg — InsurTech Summit 2018

Paris — Autonomy

Warsaw — InsurTech Digital Congress

Cologne — EXEC InsurTech

Thanks to all of these events for having us on stage either for panel discussions or talks, to share our views on what is happening in the European InsurTech scene.

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Co-founded by Florian Graillot and Jan Kastory, astorya.vc invests in tech startups to build the next insurance generation.

Leveraging its own sourcing technology astorya.vc identifies promising startups, structures their growth through its extended network of mentors, and develops new business opportunities with its insurance investors.

Raised from insurance players, astorya.vc is the first early-stage investor in Europe, focused only on the insurance industry.

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