[Market] Health Teleconsultation Startups in Europe

3 min readNov 30, 2018


Since Sept. 15th 2018, the French regulation has changed on health teleconsultation that are now reimbursed by the French social security system (if meeting several requirements). The main one is to ensure teleconsultation is part of the usual patient journey: remote meeting with your usual doctor — instead of a face-to-face meeting — will be reimbursed ; a remote meeting with a doctor met on a platform, won’t be reimbursed.

As regulation is now smoother, and in order to deliver more services to their customers — while enhancing prevention — insurers and mutuals are looking for startups to partner with to offer health teleconsultation services.

In this respect, and based on our automated scouting technology, we have identified 40+ startups in Europe delivering this kind of solution. The French market is obviously very active in that area, following the new regulation.

French Startups (19)

With a smoother regulation on health teleconsultation, many startups entered that market in France. Even a buy-out happened end of last year with a startup (MesDocteurs) acquired by a mutual (Harmonie Mutuelle).

European Startups (14)

Beyond the two most known players (Babylon and KRY), many startups are addressing that space in Europe. The main difference between players is the distribution model: several startups being integrated directly among employers (to offer teleconsultation to their employees) or insurers/mutuals — like Telemedico in Poland, that offers personalized journey to insurers/mutuals’ customers via dedicated websites (e.g. with personalized web addresses: name_of_the_insureur.telemedi.co)

To go further (17)

Beyond the capacity to deliver video-based discussions with a doctor, health teleconsultation need mainly to address two challenges: integration into the usual patient journey (to be reimbursed, in France), and data security (due to highly sensitive data exchanged over a patient-doctor discussion). We listed then startups that don’t have regular teleconsultation services, but that address any (or both) of these two challenges. They might be a potential partner for insurers that would like to develop a teleconsultation offer. Booking plaftorms for doctors (e.g. Doctolib) might be a good asset to leverage as well, to launch a teleconsultation service, as it is already integrated into the usual patient journey.

  • TheFarm&Co (FR) : health chatbot
  • BotDesign (FR) : health chatbot
  • Tilak (FR) : gamification of patient monitoring for chronic diseases
  • MedicappConnect (FR) : health IT and patient monitoring
  • Nouveal (FR) : digitizing the patient journey at hospitals
  • Maela (FR) : patient monitoring (doctor-side)
  • Aviitam (FR) : carnet de santé numérique
  • PrediMed (FR) : health telesurveillance
  • KomedHealth (CH) : secured messaging (chat, …)
  • Doctrin (Sweden) : digitizing the patient journey
  • PatientJourneyApp (NL) : digitizing the patient journey
  • DrDoctor (UK) : digitizing the patient journey
  • MedCrowd (UK) : healthcare messaging
  • TakesCare (PL) : digitizing the patient journey
  • Wellmo (FL) : eHealth platform for insurers
  • Kaiku (FL) : digitizing the patient journey
  • Abi (ES) : healthcare messaging

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