Astra Anima

An Introduction is in Order…

Astra Anima is a Solana project containing 10,000 randomly generated Anima (some will be special custom ones). The purpose of this project is to stand out among the crowd of NFT projects in the space currently, and focus on a long-term vision to bring value to our community and holders.

The collection contains a total of 6 races: Demon, Slime, Floria, Felidae, Marine and Undead. There are over 350 traits (and counting!) to make them look as colourful and unique as possible. The traits you receive will have a purpose inside of the game too (more on that soon!) and you’ll be able to control these characters inside of the game.

So, here’s some more information on the traits…

6 races — pretty self-explanatory.

Each race has 8 body types that can only generate on the corresponding race (currently).

There will be 48 expressions with 3 eye colour variations. So that makes up Roughly 140 per race.

36 Hairstyles! Colours are currently fixed to how they’d work with the race they came from.

36 Face Splashes. The splash will match with the races body colour.

36 Clothing Styles. Some look really good!

42 Head Accessories. Horns, shades, hairpins — you name it!

48 Astral Projections. In simple terms, this is the characters Soul Item. This will be especially important.

Right now we are a small team working incredibly hard to build up an amazing community and to make sure that the initial NFT sale goes as well as possible. We’ll be growing the team and we’re always looking to do better so that this becomes one of the most well-known projects on Solana!

The preliminary website is also in development so that information can be easily accessed, and we’ll be renovating the website after minting (trust me, it’ll look amazing!). Our Discord server is always open, so feel free to jump in to chat or ask any questions you may have.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Game Development

The plan is to create a top-down real-time MMORPG for Astra Anima once the project is successful enough. This means that you’ll be able to enjoy the content while moving around with your Anima NFT’s in real-time!

Whether it be PvP, PvE or exploring the world, it all comes down to your curiosity and skill. Even though your Anima NFT traits will determine stats and abilities, it’s important to note that if you work hard enough and have enough skill, you’ll be able to do pretty well in the game. I do want this to also contain play-to-earn elements and have a marketplace for Anima and equipment. More information will come down the line, as well as peeks of the game!

Before this project, I was working on my first indie game. The Astra Anima game will be based on that, so don’t expect the development to be super slow since there is already that base. We’ll expand our game dev team after minting and get cracking as soon as possible!

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Future Plans

A lot of our plans for the future involves our community. If it’s not for them, where would we be?

From custom Anima in the minting, to holder airdrops and events in our Discord — there’s a lot of cool stuff in store! Also, we’ll make sure to do something for the community with 50% of the royalties. The royalties will sit at 5% on sales.

Marketing will properly begin after the website has been completed, since there will be an easy place to find project info. We want to approach marketing in a way that benefits the community, not just to gather members with minimal server activity.

I’m looking forward to seeing this project become a staple on Solana, and for everyone to enjoy playing and earning :)

Thank you for reading — I’ll catch you over on the Discord server!

A Unique Pixel-Art fantasy #NFT project on Solana ~ 10,000 cute characters with a unique game in store!