Best microphones for youtube video 2017

Best microphones for youtube video

The Procaster is an excellent dynamic podcast microphone. The price is rising slightly now that supports and a cushioned stand are included, but a marked difference is seen when compared to any of the basic quality mics described above.

best microphone for youtube

It is an XLR microphone, like the MXL990 that we will see later, but being dynamic does not need phantom power. This means that with the proper cable you can plug into a 1/4 “jack with the same ease as the XLR, so you have a little more flexibility in its use. Rode has even created a built-in pop-up filter that helps to handle explosive noises.

If you seek this level of quality but without the extras, then the Rode Podcaster may be your best choice. It is a high quality USB microphone, considered better than the Blue Yeti described below, but of course the price reflects it. The Road Podcaster may be the best choice for home recordings, as it is a dynamic, non-condensing microphone. Dynamics are best suited for noisier environments. If you want to see the pros and cons read the section Condensation microphones or dynamic microphones.

The MXL990 one of the best microphone for youtube in 2017
Speaking of condensation microphones, at this point there are some that are already decent. Personally, I use the MXL 990 Condenser Microphone for all my recordings, and I install it on the JS-MCTB50 Short Mic Stand. I’m not sure what the retail price is, but I got it for £ 79 and it was worth it. This is one of the most important microphones in our recording studio and from it comes the voice of Podcraft series 2 onwards.

It should be noted that this microphone is an XLR, so a high-tech digital mixer and / or recorder is needed, but this is a point many podcasters end up with. As usual, we have written a guide to podcasting mixers for those who are looking to get in the way. Obviously there are pros and cons and they are not suitable for everyone, but it is worth checking out.
I recently heard Rob (from Podcast411) say wonders of the MXL 990, so I’m glad to be so well-matched in my appreciation for this microphone.

As for microphone stands, if you are looking for accessories for the Podcast microphone, you should take a look at other articles on this page. For example, I have written one about articulated arm supports and other types of podcast equipment. To take a look, look in the links on the right.

The Shure SM58
I should mention the basic piece of equipment that makes up the Shure SM58 if what is sought is something more manageable. The Shure SM58 is a handheld microphone, and where more is usually seen is in concerts, in the hand of a singer. They can fall, be struck, thrown into the water, and they do not stop working. They are perfect for those looking to make many more recordings outside of the studio.

We use the Shure SM58 with a Zoom H5 for all face-to-face interviews (to know more about the installation click here). If you think you want to take the travel microphone and can afford a good quality digital recorder, then this will probably be your best choice. It works just as well in the studio.

The Blue Yeti -best microphone for youtube gaming
The latest microphone in this group is a USB condensing microphone that has been used by podcasters and producers in general around the world. It is, of course, the BlueYeti (US Store / UK Store) that costs about 125 pounds. (Note: The last time I looked down was less than 100 pounds …).

The Blue Yeti offers excellent audio quality thanks to its condensation capsules and is incredibly easy to use with a USB connection. This avoids the sound card of the computer, which ensures the best quality of recording possible regardless of the computer that has the computer.
Finally, the Blue Yeti has its own stand, so it’s a good first step to getting started with high quality without having to worry about accessories like brackets. I have also written elsewhere an article on the Blue Yeti and its various accessories, to which you can have a look who wants more information about it.