How shoot video for youtube by vlogging camera with flip screen 2017

How shoot video for youtube by vlogging camera with flip screen 2017

One of the great benefits of the advancement of mobile technology is the incredible video quality that smartphones currently achieve. From the iPhone to the Lumia 1020, there are plenty of interesting options that can even replace a digital camera for both photography and video recording. The best thing is that if we do the latter with a phone, the possibility of sharing the video instantly is something very attractive. Now, what equipment do we need to start a Youtube channel? You just a good vlogging camera with flip screen 2017 There is no more, a mobile phone.

vlogging camera with flip screen 2017

While all youtubers have in their homes expensive equipment to record their videos, the truth is that to start with just one of the latest smartphones to appear in the market since it is also how we record the video and Not just the camera’s own optics. Phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, LG G Flex 2 and many more are already capable of recording videos in 2K or 4K, so they are an ideal choice if we know how to get the most out of it.

If we want to record videos for Youtube we must think about things as basic as light or location. In case we have a scene “very white”, we will hardly stand out with the background, so it is highly recommended to turn off any external light source that does not really help us to see us better as it will cause strange reflections — desk lamps, for example-. Related to all this, the exhibition is truly important, so we must use one appropriate to the environment in which we buy vlogging camera with flip screen 2017 form anywhere

On the other hand and with respect to the camera’s own software, we will have to disable any post-processing improvements such as the HDR, but activate the grid or grid, a characteristic that will help us improve the framing and better position the objects we want Record (you must make use of the intersections of the lines, places where we highlight more precisely what we want to highlight).

Obviously we can not forget that we should record at the highest resolution possible and of course, if possible with the rear camera because it offers a better optics. In addition, if we want to avoid excessive camera movement, the best we can do is use our elbows as a “tripod”, resting them on a table or on the ground to prevent the movement make our video a big disappointment. In this way, we can start to be youtubers in an economical and attractive way.

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