How to get Sponsors on Youtube — An Data Driven analysis

How to get Sponsors on Youtube

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YouTube has become a media outlet for all those creative individuals who have a video camera. Since 2010, the website boasts the ability to receive more than 2 billion hits a day. Commonly known as “vloggers” a combination of words in English that have to do with people who write blogs (known as “bloggers”) and with the publication of videos on the Internet. Some of these YouTube users have “channels” that have become very popular and have then partnered with Google through their YouTube Partner Program. After gaining a certain level of popularity, video bloggers have become capable of lucrative sponsorship as well as advertising contracts. To get your Youtube channel to be sponsored, you will need some time and discretion.

Become a large subscriber base. The only way to get more followers is to upload higher quality content to YouTube. Reaching a large subscriber base will not be something instant. It will take time. Be sure to use a camcorder that allows you to record video clearly. Entertain your audience, but be sure to connect with them as well.

Enter an email address on your YouTube channel for questions. Once you’ve made a lot of followers, the email account connected to your YouTube channel will start to be cluttered with messages related to the videos, comments and notifications of friendship request. An address for a separate business account posted on your YouTube channel will help keep you organized.
Do not post questionable material on your channel. Your sponsors are very aware of any users who use excessive word abuse, or publish questionable material on their channel. YouTube has a very comprehensive list of rules and regulations you can consult to be sure. Check the Resources section to find the link.

Do not allow your channel to be deleted. You will not be able to become sponsors if your YouTube channel has been admonished for posting questionable material. Do not post unauthorized music on your channel. Also do not post nude photos or videos. YouTube will delete your account and revoke your business agreement with Google. This will not look very good when you look for new opportunities to get sponsorships.

Send letters and presentation emails to potential sponsors of your videos. In the letter, be sure to note that both your YouTube channel and yourself can be very profitable commercially speaking. Tell them how many visits you receive daily, how many subscribers you have and the unique attributes that distinguish your channel from others. In other words, look for those companies that you think can benefit from your content and make a sponsorship agreement with them.

YouTube is preparing the launch of a new advertising model with which it seeks to monetize the huge amounts of content it stores. To do this, Google will offer channel sponsorship, with display, overlay and pre-roll ads for advertisers looking for more specialized segmentation to reach the audience that most interests them through the different topics.

According to Google, 30% of YouTube viewers see pre-roll ads. But the most remarkable thing is that 75% of those who see the ads are more participatory than the users who only see the standard ads. With similar figures, it does not seem unreasonable that YouTube prices are getting closer to conventional television than usual in online advertising.

With the new model, it could generate between 4 and 6 million dollars annually for a single channel, according to data published by AdWeeek. But the price of the complete packages of these new ads could amount to $ 62 million for a year of exclusive sponsorship on music and pop culture channels. In sports, the price could be around 40 million dollars and in car 16 million. In channels for mothers, the price would be around 10 million dollars.

But for tighter budgets YouTube proposes smaller packages in categories such as celebrities, music and movies, or technology, which will cost between 10 and 20 million dollars for youtube sponsorship.

Advertisers such as Unilever, which will sponsor the $ 10 million Young

Hollywood Network, or Toyota, which will sponsor mother channels such as Cafe Mom, Kin Community and Mom’s View, also for $ 10 million, have targeted the premiere Of these new formats. GM in automotive, Red Bull in action sports, or Chrysler, AT & T and Lowes are other brands that have not wanted to stay out of the new public