Top 5 Super video Marketing stretegy for youtube marketers

Top 5 Super video Marketing stretegy for youtube marketers

Versatile and dynamic, online video represents a powerful tool to reach consumers, uniting the power of audiovisual narration and the reach of the Internet. With YouTube consumption gaining ground among Latin Americans, content marketing offers an excellent opportunity for brands to connect with their audiences from the video. From interactive formats to live broadcasts, companies can appeal to various strategies to position themselves in the minds and hearts of their customers

With more than 1.3 billion users (almost a third of Internet users worldwide) 1, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and the second most visited Internet site globally. With a volume of more than 300 hours of video uploaded on the platform per minute and 325 million hours per month2, its diversity of content and accessibility represents a huge opportunity for brands to connect with their audience. An audience that has control of their digital display and values ​​being able to choose the content they want to see, when they want and from the device that best suits their needs.

The new consumption patterns favor the reach of an increasingly wide audience: the time that consumers spend on YouTube increased by 74% during 20153. Thus, 6 out of 10 consumers in the world prefer to watch videos online. A trend that is on the rise. It is estimated that by 2025, half of users under 32 will not pay for cable television services4. In addition to the digital turnaround in video consumption, the way people access this type of content is taking a moving course. Today, more than half of YouTube visits come from mobile devices, with average sessions that exceed 40 minutes5.

As part of a marketing strategy, online video offers unique advantages when connecting with the public. It is easily consumed and shared, entertains and generates identification, as well as offering dynamic support for distinctive and original content. But perhaps its most important potential lies in its ability to communicate with a valuable and interested audience, thus helping to achieve key goals in brand building, from recognition to loyalty. Having a strong online video strategy can report big dividends when measuring the results of your marketing plan. Here, we show you five initiatives that can help you succeed in designing your video plan.

1) INVOLVE THE USER IN HIS HISTORY Stories remain the best vehicle in the industry to reach the heart of consumers. And thanks to online video, creatives today have more options than ever before to create innovative campaigns, including enabling the viewer to participate more actively. Thus, the interactive videos invite the consumer to interact and make decisions about the contents that are presented. Youtube electric guitar is an excellent example, allowing users to choose which chord they want to hear, so they can learn more about their favorite instrument. YouTube offers support for creating this kind of videos, with the possibility of adding text zones, active layers and links to other content also you need a good youtbe video ideas for creating great youtube channel

2) CREATIVE, AUTHENTIC AND CREIBLE PARTNERS Increasingly popular and influential, YouTube creators have become consolidated as the new referents of an audience that connects with and identifies with their values. Many even more popular than traditional celebrities6, the new faces of the “digital screen” are excellent allies when it comes to thinking about a brand building strategy. A resource that several companies start to experience successfully. And statistics support this: 6 out of 10 consumers would use a product recommended by a you tuber7.

But beyond the popularity or provenance of the brand ambassadors, YouTube represents a true message amplifier. This is evidenced by the work carried out between the firm Activision and creators of YouTube that managed to bring together 2 million subscribers. In addition, the #MeetAndMorfiConElVedo campaign, in which McDonald’s worked with the Argentine youtuber Vedito, allowed them to double the interactions, surpassing the 4,000 positive evaluations and more than 70 thousand reproductions8.

3) TRICKS TO STAY the series Days of Shopping. In the regional market, Banco Galicia was able to popularize its characters Marcos and Claudia throughout Argentina, with videos that exceed 8 million views on YouTube. In addition to obtaining the Martín Fierro 2013 Award for Best Advertising Spot, some chapters in the series exceeded 4.5 million views9.

4) ALMOST HOW TO RECEIVE A GIFT YouTube content creators developed a new type of video with an extraordinary ability to connect users with businesses. This is the format known as unboxing, in which a person opens the box of a newly purchased product and shares their experience step by step. In 2015, the visualizations of these videos grew 57%, becoming so popular that it would take 7 years to see all the unboxing content available on the video10 platform. For example, Sony’s PlayStation 4 video exceeded 4 million views. For brands, it is a more than interesting format: it allows the user to “live” virtually the experience of acquiring and exploring a product. The key? Generate expectation and provide useful information.

5) REACHING THE REAL-TIME HEARING The trend in favor of live broadcasts continues to rise. With its new livestreaming tool, YouTube opened the door to a real-time online video experience. The Live feature allows brands to broadcast live content with all the advantages and massive reach of online video, allowing users to interact and share the experience with other viewers at the time it’s happening. Magnum used this format in 2015 as part of its comprehensive YouTube strategy with resounding success: 32,000 people followed and participated live from their anniversary event11. An equally useful tool for traditional TV channels,

Making it possible to amplify the scope of its content and motivate interaction from the web. Something that the Argentine television network América TV knows very well, achieving 50 million views in its channel, thousands of subscribers and a better digital presence, thanks to the incorporation of transmissions live through YouTube12. These are just a few ideas between the infinite possibilities of creativity and the innumerable options offered by YouTube and the online video format. No matter what option you choose for your next campaign, the key is to offer original, compelling, useful and relevant content to users. A consumer who today does not distinguish between bread