4chan: The Skeleton Key to the Rise of Trump
Dale Beran

Yeah no, was rather enjoying that, even your section on GG started well enough there is veneer of truth that masks what I took to be an ill informed, but good faith humourous take on the affair. But alas no, the more I read the thicker the stench, the more glaring the omissions the what can only be willful lack of nuance lead almost seamlessly into what can only be deliberate misrepresentation. That aside, you are a talent writer I won’t wax lyrical on your many fine qualities in that regard I’m sure you know your strengths, nor will I belabour your my main point, save to say never been a channer, not an anime fan, mid 40s, married, someone who would say that what became GG started at least for me in the atheist community some years prior and happy to call myself a member of very inclusive, diverse, community that is truly global in its scope and until recently good natured culture with its own charm, even if somewhat abrasive, was charming to us whose only real rule was leave the drama at the door, sometimes expressed in the vernacular “moar Pew Pew, less QQ” or the more cautionary “git gud, nub” though the culture itself was diverse and venacular beyond that “common tongue” varied from community to community, every game have it’s own proto jargon to enjoy. — But that alas drama came, and with a horde of drama lovers whose opening rejoinder of genocidal rhetoric and the declaration of our deaths and new lives as women hating murder Nazi’s screaming to normies that we were cool to hate nay that it was wrong not to hate, mariginalise and platform and oh how normie lapped up as to manys and I have confess I count myself in this group, utter bewilderment the main stream media joined in and boosted, as forums censored, media dehumanised and defamed and the drama llama’s screamed around for all to see. For some of us, my insincere friend August will never end, the ride will never end and we will never ever forget — though in time we may forgive, but not until we return our home to its former glory and we can go back to grinding our grind in peace — In summation I am #GamerGate, I am #NotYourShield and I call you liar willful drama merchant and a man more informed and knowing than your obfuscation would have your readers believe, until we can meet in the future as friends I’ll bid you good day.

/hug #GamerGateHugPatrol

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