Photo by Armand Khoury, Unsplash

Creating Your Own ERC20 Token: Part 1

Want to create your own ERC20 token? To do so you’ll need the code for an ERC20 Smart Contract, access to Remix-Solidity IDE, a MetaMask Account, a social media account (Facebook, Google Plus, or Twitter), and access to Rinkeby Authenticate Faucet, Ethereum’s testnet. In this article, I’ll explain, step-by-step, how to obtain testnet Ether which is needed to deploy your ERC20 Smart Contract.

Let’s get started.

1.) Go to the following link Rinkeby Authenticated Faucet (Rinkeby is a testnet for Ethereum)

2.) Open a new tab and go to your twitter account.

3.) Login to your MetaMask account and select Rinkyby Test Network by clicking on the drop-down arrow to the left of the MetaMask icon. If you don’t have a MetaMask account, here’s the link to download their chrome extension.

4.) Deselect the dropdown menu and click on the three horizontally aligned squares in the right margin. Select the option “Copy Address to clipboard.”

5.) Paste your account address in your Twitter window and tweet.

6.) After tweeting this address, hover over the tweet, click on it. Your tweet should appear expanded in width and height as in the picture below. Copy the URL for this tweet, in this example it is:

7.) Go back to the Rinkeby’s Authenticated Faucet and paste the URL address into the input field:

8.) After you paste the address, click on the button “Give Me Ether.” A drop-down menu displays offering the following selection: 3 Ethers/8 hours, 7.5 Ethers/ 1 day 18.75 Ethers/3 days. I selected 18.75/ 3 Days.

My account balance before selecting “Give me Ether”: 26.248

9) Click on the button “Give me Ether.”

My account balance after 18.75 ETH is funded to my account: 44.998 ETH

For part 2, just hop over to YouTube and watch the video, Create Your Own Cryptocurrency in Just 5 Minutes by Dan Lupert. I used this tutorial to create my first ERC20 token, Star Token.

Thanks for reading and have fun coding,

Astra Rai