Who doesn’t love mock data generators? Tools like Mockapi or the all-time favourite Faker open-source library which recently gave birth to FakerCloud.

Those platforms provide ways to generate many API properties from simple things like e-mail or username to complex passwords and geocoordinates.

Authentication is a complex and mostly divided topic with some preferring Stateful Session Cookies approach and others choosing Stateless JWTs. I’m one of the latter as I like how quick and effective implementing JWT Auth is.

React Mapbox Guide

For years there’s been a never-ending debate in the development industry on which is the best map provider, let’s see who wins the Game of Map Providers.

Google Maps SDK remained king for a long time due to its reliability but this started to shift as the price point was…

7 VSCode Extensions for Web Development in 2021

VSCode is a great and insanely popular Code Editor but what makes it so amazing is the Extension Ecosystem it allows and how customizable it really is. I’ll list some extensions I use often and consider an important part of my workflow.

1. Code Time

Allows monitoring programming metrics and tracking time within…

A few weeks ago Github announced a state-of-the-art, AI-based pair programmer beta extension for VSCode which shook considerably the software development industry. While many were concerned this AI tool will take our jobs this is definitely not the case yet. …

Nowadays every project has a ton of dependencies and a Frontend library like React is the perfect candidate for a black hole-sized node_modules folder. With NPM you can easily download libraries and keep the versions up to date which is more or less a bit of a hassle.

Let’s jump…


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