Not Only Beautiful, Here are the 5 Richest Poker Women Players

Liv Boeree

Who are the best poker players in the list of the world’s greatest names? In the poker card gambling game that is played both live casino and visually online the winning champion will always change from time to time. Because luck and good fortune are unpredictable, he will always spin and not know the word of eternal victory.

Watching famous poker games is very interesting especially when you see 8 of the best beautiful female poker players in the world besides their charming sexy appearance in every live tournament. They are very good at playing a variety of five card Flush, Full House, 3 of Kind and Royal Flush. Like what the greatness of how to play poker the tough females who won millions of dollars

The Richest Female Poker Player

1. Liv Booree, Famous in England
This beautiful girl born on July 18, 1984 from England started her professional poker career at a relatively young age of 20 years. Liv, who also works as a TV model and presenter, became known to people while appearing on Reality TV shows.

This graduate of physics degree from Manchester University throughout his best career managed to raise as much as 2 million dollars in the European Poker Tour match at Sanremo in 2010, 2.2 million dollars in the Bellagio Prestigious Poker Tournament match and 2.5 million dollars in the 2014 world poker tournament.

2. Beth Shak — Philadelphia, America
Who would have thought this beautiful woman who looked like a teenage girl turned out to be born in 1969. Beth Shak was already known before he became a professional poker player as a Vintage clothing designer, fashion model and owner of the shoe company Beth Shak Couture. The beginning of his love of poker began with online poker and domino bet games such as on Facebook, and finally he tried to play poker reality, which would bet on real money.

His best victory in 2009 which managed to get 500,000 thousand dollars. Although fond of playing poker gambling, there is a good side of Shak that is social, every money of his winnings will be divided in half to donate to various charity events.

3. Sandra Naujoks Si Black Mamba
In the world of poker Sandra got the nickname as Black Mamba. For some reason, the girl born in 81 from Berlin, Germany who liked history lessons and aspired to become a teacher, swerved into a poker player. At first, she love to play online poker since she found one of the best asian gambling site afa poker if she feel bored but then it makes her feeling like founding her real personality then she always play it every single day. Her best achievement was proven when he was 31 years old at the European Poker Tour Champion, he won 1.8 million dollars

4. Jennifer Harman Traniello — Reno, Nevada
Jennifer Harman became the first female poker player to play regularly in the Bellagio “Big Game” with a bet limit of 100,000 to 200 thousand dollars in one round of play (one of the biggest event that sponsored by lapak 303). Harman earned his first money from poker when he was 8 years old. In 2014 Harman’s victory totaled 2.4 million dollars and already has two WSOP (World Series of Poker) bracelets. Now Harman is known as one of the most feared poker players in the world who are respected by his opponents.

5. Kara Scott — Canada
This Canadian-born woman began her career as a British television commentator and became the host of the best Poker Night Live awards. Maybe it starts from hosting the event to making kara as a professional poker player. Play at the World Woman’s Open Tournament at Maidstone, the Star Sport Challenge, the World of Series of Poker and the WSOP Main Event in Las Vegas with a total number of wins reaching 550,000 dollars.