How to celebrate New Year (Vikram Samvatsar 2072)

The Vikram Samvatsar; Vedic Year, Indian Year or Hindu Year is starting on March 21, 2015. Technically, the year starts at the precise moment of 03:06 PM on March 20, 2015, but since New Year is considered to take effect from the Sunrise; it will be presumed to start on March 21, 2015.

We know and we have accustomed to celebrate Gregorian New Year in a particular way i.e. eat, drink and merry. Congratulate all and sundry at the intervening night of December 31 and January 01, just at the stroke of midnight. If you do not know, what Gregorian New Year is; this is just the Year used by us commonly, also sometimes called English Year; e.g. currently Gregorian Year is 2015.

But, we cannot and should not celebrate Vikram Samvatsar in that way. Then, how to celebrate this year? We have just tried to give a simple guide below, taking hint from the scriptures. Go through, implement and enjoy:

1. Celebrate, Celebrate and Celebrate:

We may recognize this or may not recognize this date as New Year; as we recognize First January as New Year. But, just believe us, this is really New Year, in a more rational way, more scientific way, more natural way and more practical way.

So, celebrate this New Year in something unique and recognizable way. Clean and decorate your home or business place and do a bit decoration. We have mentioned a bit only, because, massive exercise for cleaning and decorating is to be done, only on the occasion of Diwali. Do not forget that cleaning the space incorporates necessarily removing the unwanted junk.

Sanskrit Scriptures mention that you may hoist a flag on the top of your building. Flag hoisting is a good energy enhancer as per Vastu researches by AstroDevam team. So, hoist a flag as per your choice. The flag may be of your organization, your religion, your community; or at best your National Flag.

Set yourself in a festive mood. Eat to your choice, unless you are on Navaratri fast, dance, organize community/ family get together and feast. In all, welcome New Year with new energy and vigor.

2. Eat something bitter:

It may look bizarre, but first thing ancient Sanskrit scriptures specify to be eaten on New Year may spoil your taste buds. They prescribe that you should take soft Margosa (Neem) leaves (Which come out in this season) and mix them with Jeera, Ajwain, Rock Salt, Imali and Jaggery and eat it first in the morning. We want to ensure that it is a good blood purifier and immunity enhancer. It will further prepare your whole body for the challenges in the coming year, especially summer season.

Beyond physical benefits, this ritual has deep spiritual benefits. Eating above concoction has a deeper meaning. It just psychologically prepares you for bitter, but beneficial experiences of life, in the coming year.

If you are unable to prepare above concoction, just eat Trifala Choorna (very popular Ayurvedic herbal powder), again not a tasty option.

3. Warm your kitchen:

When the last time, you have visited your home hearth? You may be cooking your home food on routine basis; or you might be ordering daily from your neighborhood home delivery restaurant due to highly busy schedule; just prepare something healthy and sweet, something festive on your kitchen burner; and let the whole family enjoy the same in collective manner. Choose some Satvic vegetarian food with positive vibrations. Are you unable to decide, what to cook? Just visit list of Satvic Food in our authentic recipe section at following link:

Dear hubby, you may also try your hand in the kitchen, giving your better half much desired rest, setting the tone of New Year, in a pleasant way.

4. Visit your astrologer:

On the New Year, pay a visit to some reliable professional astrologer, who has positive outlook. He/ she will analyze the pros and cons of the coming year, specifically for you. Believe us, it will be a good help and guidance. However, if it is your first visit to this astrologer, just leave his/ her place, if he/ she is trying to create fear psychosis within you.

Unfortunately, many frauds and thugs are fleecing the innocent persons in the garb of astrologers; and obviously it will not be a good for anyone, including you, to start the year with a consultant with negative set of mind.

5. Plan for the coming year:

As per Electional Astrology or Muhurta, first day of Samvatsar is really very auspicious. So, just put up pen and paper; or switch on your computer. Take stock of the whole coming year; how are you going to use this great resource i.e. Time. You have just taken consultation and advice from your astrologer; and it will create good ground for your future planning. So, plan, plan and plan.

6. Resolve something:

Normally, we resolve something big on the occasion of English New Year, while we are down with our celebratory drinks; and in the same manner, we forget the resolution conveniently, with the passage of time.

Just believe, if you want to resolve something important in your life, this occasion is more favorable for you; as it is more likely to fructify, due to support of planetary combinations present in the sky at the time of this scientific New Year.

7. Start something:

As we have already mentioned above, first day of Samvatsar is considered very auspicious as per canons of Electional astrology or Muhurta. So if you want to start something new in your personal life, your office, your business, this is certainly a good opportunity to exploit this auspicious moment, due to favorable planetary combinations. However, if you are starting something very important, we suggest you to get your horoscope also checked.

8. Pay respect to the King of the year:

Each Vikram Samvatsar has a King Planet, depending on the day, on which Vikram Samvatsar starts. For example, Vikram Samvatsar 20171 started on Monday, hence Moon was King of that year. The Vikram Samvatsar 2072 is starting March 21, 2015, which is Saturday. So, planet Saturn is king of this year. So, ideally you should win the favor of Lord Saturn.

To get the blessings of Lord Saturn, help downtrodden, aged, handicapped, differently abled and your employees. It is our firm opinion that these small acts of kindness will help you a lot; and ensure happiness and harmony for you throughout the year.

9. Embrace someone:

New Year is meant for new starts. Nothing can be better than

10. Embarrass no one;

11. Do something energetic.

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