An Open Source Landsat Browser, Libra.

Libra is a fast image browser for previewing and downloading Landsat imagery. We work with a ton of imagery from our own internal archives and built Libra to make it easier for our teams to search and download imagery faster. Today, we made it totally open source, licensed under BSD so other companies can modify this for their own imagery and search archives.

Building Libra let us experiment with new ways of interacting with imagery metadata and structuring fast queries. For the UI, we looked around at what other folks like Airbnb and Pintrest are doing to create a stellar search experience. This was an iterative experience over months, working closely with our partners at Development Seed. Below is a quick look at the UI but check out the version that Development Seed hosted to get a feel for the application.

Using the responsive filters in Libra to quickly select an image for Vancouver, Canada

Libra allows you to search the USGS Landsat 8 archive, filter results to find exactly what you need, and download the GeoTiff in a few clicks. We strip away complicated workflow; we needed something super light and didn’t want a user interface with a ton of options getting in our way.

BSD is open

We opened up Libra because we love collaborating with other microsat companies in the space. Opening the code we use at Astro Digital can jump start the creation of better tools for using satellite imagery across every sector. Development Seed has a great post showing their recent fork of the project to support their work with global development organizations.

The value of pixels alone is approaching zero, its going to be the interfaces and hosted services that extract knowledge from these pixels that provide real value.

Libra is open on Github and build using all open source ingredients from Mapbox. Fork it and send pull request. Hit us up on Twitter at @astrodigitalgeo and @developmentseed.