Can astrology show us the dharma of our generation?

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Wrestling with a “Big Idea”

The idea that informs this article has been fermenting in my head for the better part of a decade. The notion of using astrology to define generational identity — while well-established within the astrological community — is virtually unknown to the public at large. …

By taking a multi-generational approach and using an astrological lens, we might begin to map a pathway towards greater social integration and cultural coherence.

Using astrology as a meta-narrative to overcome memetic tribalism

Contemplating the generational future of America

Ok, we made it through! Over the course of this series of articles we’ve examined each of the six generations that make up the current composition of contemporary society. Now what?

We come to the present moment. Welcome to America 2021. …


Becoming the Architect of Your Own Destiny

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The Killer New App

What if I told you there was a killer new app that could tell you how to live your best life? An app that was custom-coded specifically for you and you alone, having been finely calibrated by software engineers to optimize your individual personality. …

The sovereignty of an astrological worldview

Making Sense in a World of Chaos

“Sensemaking” has become a bit of a buzzword lately. And for good reason. In an era when a sitting American president made over 20,000 false or misleading claims while tweeting from the Oval Office; where “fake news” and conspiracy theories abound; where a deadly global pandemic is dismissed by many…

Blueprint of the Soul—Part 18

What might David Bowie‘s birth chart say about his ever-changing persona?


Welcome back to Blueprint of the Soul, an “Astrology 101” series of articles in which we’re learning to become the architects of our own destiny by learning to read our personal horoscopes.

We began this series by taking an energy approach to astrology. We observed that everything is energy, including…

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On September 22, 2021 at 12:22pm PST, the Sun leaves the earth sign of Virgo and enters into the air sign of Libra, marking the Autumnal Equinox — the first day of fall. …

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Through my ongoing relationship with the Venus function in astrology, I’ve become aware that love is an inside job. This really gets at the heart of the Venus archetype. Let me explain.

I like to think of Venus as operating on two fundamental levels — love of self and love…

Photo Credit: Conscious Design on Unsplash.

On Sunday, August 22, 2021, the Sun concludes it’s month-long journey through Leo and enters Virgo as we mutate into the final phase of the summer season. All the fiery creativity of Leo must now shift its expression into the earthly practicality of Virgo. …

Blueprint of the Soul—Part 17

Understanding the dynamics and intensity of our experience

The 4 major aspects in astrology—conjunction, opposition, trine and square.

Welcome to the series Blueprint of the Soul, where we are learning to read our own horoscopes in order to become the architects of our own destiny.

Over the course of the last five articles, we’ve been exploring the Planets. And what began as a fundamental exploration of the personality…

Blueprint of the Soul—Part 16

Pluto — Dark Night of Our (Collective) Soul

As an archetype, Pluto represents the unconscious desires of the soul.

Ok, we’ve reached the end of the planetary line, so to speak, the terminus point — Pluto.

And to be quite honest, this is a station many of us don’t even want to journey to. Most of us would be happy to get off at Neptune and end our journey…

Daljeet Peterson

Astrology Apostle | Yoga Disciple | Media Craftsman @DaljeetPeterson

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