A Birdseye View of What Embellishes The Heart and Soul of Each Sign: Part IV (Capricorn — Pisces)

This is the fourth article of a four-part series. Also see Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

Capricorn: With your inborn business acumen and gift for making fair judgments and decisions, it’s not a big surprise that you’ve truly excelled at making wise investments. Your gift for choosing remarkably loyal friends is also no surprise. You’re unafraid of challenges that scare away less potent souls. You also can be almost disturbingly patient. So while lesser beings break out in hives after a panic attack, you remain a tower of quiet strength, while keeping any reservations to yourself. Others remember you as a very shy and private youngster who grew into a hot and good-looking adult. Your hair and cheekbones became the envy of your peer group. While others stand on the sidelines, envying your growing popularity, developing success, and smart choice of a partner, you continue to learn and grow with each passing day, week, and month. In most cases, the BEST part of your life occurs AFTER middle age. When your classmates begin to drop like flies, you gun your engines and develop new passions, personally and professionally. As long as you’re busy learning something new, you’re happy, focused and vibrantly alive. It’s no surprise that you may excel in three or more successful careers/endeavors during the action-packed years you’re alive. You admire well cut, sparkling gems like white diamonds set in gold or platinum, but also appreciate the beauty of colorful and complex agates. Your favorite fragrance is usually something luscious and time-tested, such as Chanel №5 or a long-admired essential oil in Lavender or Rose. You’ve endured the lengthy transit of Pluto that began in 2008 and will continue until 2024. Each year has steadily strengthened your determination to live and love with a vengeance.

Aquarius: A peace and productivity-loving soul, you think outside the traditional box. Instead of aping anyone else’s behavior, you find your own style, your own type of connection, and a humanistic career or purpose to engage in. You earn as much money as possible, but are not driven by a drooling grab for money, money, money. You’re far more purpose-driven than for anything that resembles greed. Showing off isn’t a behavior you find intriguing or necessary. Instead, you’re far more enchanted by discovery. This explains your fascination with science, medicine and psychology. You actually enjoy helping people and society as a whole, and are responsible for uplifting humanity to greater heights. Your discoveries may or may not be rewarded during your time on Planet Earth, but your name lives on and moves higher and higher throughout your life. Your personal life can be eccentric. For example, you might prefer your favorite dog or cat to whoever Mr. Desirable Of The Moment happens to be. Your non-Aquarian friends may not fully grasp your uninterrupted love and respect for animals, and may also not comprehend your constant fundraisers for various species. Although you’re fond of new developments in technology and are generally the first in your social group to purchase a complex phone, music system, computer or car that your pals find “too difficult to use,” your eccentricities inevitably grow on your friends. And sooner rather than later, this and that pal will purchase a technically complex appliance AFTER you promise to help them “set it up.” You are moved by beauty that is found in nature, so phony gemstones do next to nothing for you. You seek out turquoise, marble, black diamond, and rubies, to name a few — and find their precut beauty just as mesmerizing as the finished product. When you choose a fragrance, you may keep it a secret. Your friends ask what you’re wearing when they pick up your unique and piquant scent. Nearly every time you’re asked the name/source of your spicy scent, you say, “Oh. I forget,” and move on. You enjoy keeping secrets about the brands and sources that make you a seductress. With Pluto ensconced in your solar 12thhouse of secrets since 2008, you’ve learned SO MUCH about yourself without ever — well, actually rarely — giving up a closely held secret….

Pisces: You are a compassionate, affectionate person who actually feels what those closest to you feel. You sense when a friend or loved one is suffering and waste no time before offering your help. A natural healer and therapist, you make others’ happiness and comfort some of your favorite goals. Many of you become professional healers, such as a doctor, nurse, massage therapist, psychiatrist or counselor. Just as many of you become veterinarians because of your deep passion for all living things. Sensitive to the core, your feelings are easily hurt. If others wound your heart and soul enough, you may avoid social contact for a while. Your feet are your most vulnerable body part. It’s imperative that you select comfort over style when purchasing shoes. This is difficult for you because you have an eye for style, enjoy leafing through fashion mags while gazing at gorgeous shoes, jewelry and clothes. In the long run, however, you’ll benefit from avoiding six-inch heels with absolutely no support. Because of your eye for fashion, a significant number of you are excellent writers who manage to score a career as a fashion editor at one of your favorite magazine publishers. It’s so important for you to acknowledge your own value, resources, and list of talents that boost your morale and remind you of your excellent worth. So, Pisces — you can heal, review, generate excellent content, and spoil others, so what’s not to L-O-V-E?

Bridgett Walther has been an astrologer and writer for over 40 years, during which time she has built a substantial following, including celebrity clients. She has authored two books to date, with more in the works. You can read her full bio on our About Us page.

Originally published at astrologia.store.