Sumptuous Sapphire- A Luxurious Gem of Many Colors

The deepest blue Sapphires are the most sought after

The most familiar Sapphire is a saturated shade of deep blue. Most popular of all colors, Sapphires come in a large range of blue, from very light (resembling an Aquamarine) to the deepest hue of blue. The deeper and more saturated the color, the more expensive this much-desired stone of loyalty, service and dedication becomes.

A robust shade of blue is often called Sapphire Blue. In the Old Testament, in the Book of Ezekiel, it’s stated the God sits on a sapphire throne in Heaven. But natural fancy Sapphires also come in various shades of yellow, purple, green, brown, violet pink, and orange. Some Sapphires are multi-colored (with two or more colors). Australia is the largest source of multi-colored Sapphires.

The only color that cannot be indicative of Sapphire is red. Sapphires and Rubies are the second hardest stones outside of diamonds. Diamonds are rated as 10 on the Mohs scale, the hardest gemstone rating. Sapphires and Rubies come in a close second with a Mohs rating of 9.

A fancy Pink Sapphire is often confused with a Ruby. But after all, Rubies and Sapphires are both corundum. A pinkish-orange variety of corundum is Padparadscha, also a sought-after stone associated with harmony and protection.

When shopping for your own perfect Sapphire, pay close attention to the hue, saturation, and cut. The higher the color saturation, the more vivid and eye-catching your precious Sapphire will be. Its overall value also climbs very, very high.

The color of fine blue Sapphires is described as a vivid dark violet to purplish blue. The deeper the blue, the more sought after your Sapphire is. Heat treated stones are less desirable than well cut, free of inclusion, natural color-drenched Sapphires.


Every sign of the zodiac is associated with a special gem. Although Sapphires, in their rainbow of hues, appeal to nearly everyone. The radiant, richly saturated deep blue Sapphire specifically rules Virgo, hence the likelihood of a Virgo bride asking for at least one vibrant blue Sapphire in her wedding ring. Virgo rules dedication, loyalty and being of service — and Sapphire is also her special “stone of prosperity.”

Black Sapphires are thought to be protective, to relieve anxiety, and great for accompanying you during a job Q&A.

Green Sapphire is known as “the stone of fidelity” because it stimulates loyalty, the heart chakra, and is excellent for helping you recall predictive dreams.

Yellow Sapphire is the right hand adviser for the Hindu God Ganeesh. Ganeesh brings prosperity to the home and wealth to the one wise enough to wear it. When wearing a Yellow Sapphire, always make sure that a portion of the gem makes direct contact with your skin.

A Sapphire, depending on its quality, can be a significant investment in your future, happiness, and success. Your Sapphire is also thought to protect you and nurture your relationship, your skills and your dreams….

Bridgett Walther has been an astrologer and writer for over 40 years, during which time she has built a substantial following, including celebrity clients. She has authored two books to date, with more in the works. You can read her full bio on our About Us page.

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