The Week Ahead: April 10–16

Tuesday’s Full Moon in Libra carries a lot of frustration and impatience within it. The Full Moon opposes the Sun, of course, and also Uranus, an ingenious and erratic heavenly body. To complicate things even more, the Moon squares Pluto, and conjoins Jupiter. Translation? Tuesday’s Full Moon at 2:08 am ET ramps up most of us, and could easily generate more vehicular accidents, trips that lead to falls, and words that stir up anger and arguments.

Once the Moon exits Libra and enters scintillating Scorpio at 6:42 pm ET on Tuesday, life lightens up a bit, but sexy secrets intensify. There is no such thing as a well-kept secret this week, so don’t share something likely to come back and haunt you. Throughout this entire week, silence is platinum.

Friday heralds the only conjunction the Sun and Uranus will have this year — so it’s notable and worthy of your consideration. This merger urges you to be open to change — and patient with shifts that may seem somewhat nerve-wracking. Keep an open mind. Before brushing off a suggestion or idea, pause and consider its good and not-so-good points. Any Uranus conjunction calls for patience and acceptance. FYI: The people who will feel this Sun/Uranus connection on Good Friday most intensely are Aries.

Venus in Pisces finally ends its retrograde phase on April 15. So, if you’re ready to tie the knot, go for it! The planet that rules romance, weddings, and commitment goes direct at 6:18 am ET Saturday morning.

Easter Sunday rolls out on the 16th– and includes an Opportunity Period after the void of course Moon at 2:26 pm until 7:05 pm ET when the Moon leaves Sagittarius and enters Capricorn. Things get playful, rambunctious, and just wild enough to earn you a traffic ticket between 9:26 pm on Sunday and 2 am ET Monday morning — uh oh….

Bridgett Walther has been an astrologer and writer for over 40 years, during which time she has built a substantial following, including celebrity clients. She has authored two books to date, with more in the works. You can read her full bio on our About Us page.

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