The Week Ahead: February 20–26

Potential storms ahead as we enter this tumultuous week

Batten down the hatches — you’re looking at one wild and crazy week to plow through! Monday, February 20this innocent enough. After all, it is President’s Day. Get as much accomplished on the 20th and 21st because a surge of insanity begins on February 22nd, no matter how watchful and cautious you are.

On February 22nd, an event occurs that only happens in two-year cycles. Calm yourself, and appear as unruffled as possible throughout the 22nd. Those of you who follow astrology know that this week’s cosmic event involving Mars and Pluto can and does occur twice during a two-year cycle. Once you’ve cautiously tiptoed through the 22nd, your next Mars/Pluto slice-n-dice twice occurs on November 19th. View Wednesday’s first clash as preparation for the final one.

Because any turmoil involving the Moon, Mars and Pluto can be catastrophic in terms of threats, potential use of military force, extreme unexpected weather, as well as explosive disagreements occurring locally or internationally, it’s imperative to be as low-key as humanly possible. During this entire week, avoid all angry and potentially violent people and situations. This is your week to keep your head down and your focus on surrounding your home and family with peace, love and serenity.

Worry, pressure, suspicion and fear intensify on Sunday, February 26, due to the Piscean New Moon/Solar Eclipse. To make things even more unsettling, Mars and Uranus tightly unite, stirring up more rumors, fear, and unpredictability. Don’t promise anything you’re remotely unsure of, and postpone signing documents until you’ve had enough time to read through — and understand — each paragraph. Keep in mind that this entire week is perplexing, uncertain and problematic, no matter how smart and experienced you are.

Mercury’s entrance into dreamy, sometimes surreal Pisces is likely to interfere with privacy, clarity in communication, broadcasting, print media, and flat-out decision-making. Easy does it all week long. Don’t allow anyone to hustle you into signing or verbally agreeing to the terms in a contract. Buy more time, instead of an expensive new refrigerator. And rest assured that next week will be a LOT easier than this one….

Bridgett Walther has been an astrologer and writer for over 40 years, during which time she has built a substantial following, including celebrity clients. She has authored two books to date, with more in the works. You can read her full bio on our About Us page.

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