The Week Ahead: May 15–21

Can you feel the celestial changes? They’re all for the better!

Mercury scoots out of out of fiery, go-getter Aries, then slides into earthy, sensual Taurus at 12:07 am ET on Tuesday, May 16. Well, what a relief this brings. Instead of coping with pounding headaches while attempting to repair the mistakes that others have made, you stop worrying and begin to bask in the touchy-feely glow of Taurus. Why not spend a few shekels on a slow yet deep massage? Your neck and shoulders are overdue for some luscious intensive care….

The Sun adds a nice dose of conversation and friendly debate by exiting sexy Taurus and entering talkative, curious Gemini at 4:31 pm ET on May 20th. So you’re now enchanted by the best of both worlds. The Sun and Mercury cooperate nicely, lending you brilliant ideas, an enhanced sense of humor, and just enough curiosity to SAVE the cat rather than kill him.

Tuesday feels like a day of bliss in the promised land. Sure there is a certain amount of stress because of a Mars/ Neptune square, as well as a Jupiter/ Pluto square. Make up your mind to NOT OVERREACT to rumors, fleeting fear, or unnecessary worry. Wash all negativity out of your heart and soul and choose to see a generous dose of excellence from Saturn, Mercury, the Sun, Mars and Jupiter. Practice accepting the wonder of subtle as well as brilliantly obvious miracles that are yours for the taking.

This lovely week reminds all of us how important our attitudes, minute by minute and day by day, can make or break our happiness. This week offers you a state of grace and a chance to break free of temporary anger, hopelessness, and pointless inadequacy.

You are stronger than you think — and far more lovable than you might realize. This week is a call to love, sensuality, accomplishment, and deepening happiness. Pinch yourself when you feel your mood sinking, and choose to be with people who love and appreciate all that you do.

Instead of fearing deadlines on Friday, turn a provocative Venus/ Jupiter opposition into what it actually is: a chance to end negativity from your thought process. As above, so below — and your thought process is potent enough to upgrade your health, social status, and key relationships.

Friday is quite a spectacular day for you. In addition to the Venus/ Jupiter opposition is a Saturn/ Uranus trine, emphasizing all digital devices, futuristic thought and invention, and new discoveries. The trine emphasizes how valuable new discoveries can transform our society, healing modalities, learning, and travel experiences. Your assignment is to keep an open mind with a big smile on your glorious face.

The Sun’s entrance into Gemini lifts our eyes, hearts and thoughts to the heavens, and urges us to think bigger, brighter and far more positive. You must remain open to the rush of positive energy aiming directly at you this week. Embrace every bit of it. And start accepting others’ invitations to parties, events, movies and concerts! This is your “just say YES” week….

Bridgett Walther has been an astrologer and writer for over 40 years, during which time she has built a substantial following, including celebrity clients. She has authored two books to date, with more in the works. You can read her full bio on our About Us page.

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