Accepting hacked intelligence on your opponent from agents of a hostile foreign government is…
Eric Manley

I may will say something harsh but listening to your arguments is like getting the talking points of CNN.

The whole outrage seems to be that the intel came from Russia and Russia is a HOSTILE adversary.

Who decides that?

It´s not written in stone somewhere.

It´s within the President´s powers to decide who is hostile and who is not.

I am just courious: all the time we hear people telling us “working together is good, it´s a win-win” but when it comes to Russia, nobody is allowed to even talk to private citizens that just happen to have Russian citizenship?

Why? Where is this overreaction to a total fictional stereotype coming from?

It´s the President´s job to set the guidelines of foreign policy.

And I see hardly any good reason to go on the Russiophobia track of HRC.

Maybe coming to a better relationship with Russia was the very reason people voted for Trump.

Do you have evidence it wasn't?

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