Trump is up to his neck with shady business dealings with the Russians.
James M. Ridgway, Jr.

I tend to disagree.

The practical implications that Trump is doing business overseas just means that he knows about the importance of policy making by being first handed effected as a business man. If a country runs on shortsighted lawmaking, investors usually run away.

That being said, doesn't´t mean Trump is owned by Putin or somebody else. Quite the contrary, the managment of his own enterprises can tell much better what´s going on on the ground than any political analyst ever can. So it´s actually harder to deceive Trump.

On the other hand it is great to have a President who is involved in that way, because part of foreign politics is to influence partners and adversaries all over the world to come to a better understanding of America needs and deeds.

This constant negative conotation that Trump is an international business man is sometimes clouding the judgment. For example when it came down to the travel ban, people said “Sure, he only choosed Somalia because he doesn't´t have any business interest there” couldn't´t be further off an realistic picture. Of course there is no. Trump Tower in Somalia! Not profitable to have in a terrible unstable country a risk position that pays off maybe in 25 years. Insane to invest there. Especially when Radical Islamist are always around the corner to take over power.

In sum, I don´t think Trump can be bought with peanuts. Contrary to now Multimillionare Clinton, who never had something than her political influence to sell.

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