No, because the people that support Trump, etc.
Sam (no YOU’RE the straw man!)

The downside of your argument is that exactly this narrative of deplorables pushes the Trump fan base even closer together. The more you smear their leader, the harder they will push back.

And sadly their are not many rational arguments being brought up against him yet, so it really looks even for a “neutral” person very much like a classic smear campaign. And that´s something that falls again and again back on the Democrats.

In light of this self damaging behaviour, i.e. instead of coming up with political ideas, the continuance of labbeling and calling names, the supporters of the DNC look like very unhealthy persons who see Russians in every shadow just to express their blind hate against Trump.

That´s all but rational.

I miss the discussion inside the Democratic Party on how Bernie Sanders was outplayed and what will be the future consequences to prevent such foul plays in the future. This would be needed to consolidate the DNC again.

Even though it will definitely be a painful process to admit that HRC rigged and frauded the process.

Especially when one is imagining that Sanders may have won the Presidency over Trump.

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