Honesty Is What I Value The Most

Jamie Astromalo
Aug 24, 2017 · 4 min read

Why Is It Important to Have Strong Values?

Before explaining why honesty is key to me, it’s crucial to understand why values are so important in the first place.

So why? Straight up… Because it will get you out of any tough situation.

When you’re put in a tough situation, your values guide you to the best decision. Think of your moral compass as your GPS. When you’re lost and need direction, trust your moral compass — your values — to lead you to the right path.

Don’t get me wrong, just like your GPS, your values might bring dead ends or difficult paths but complete the tough journey and you'll be rewarded. Assuming you have good values, following your compass will leave you feeling confident and proud.

How I Learned the Importance of Values?

My grandfather, Zaids, is responsible for teaching me the importance of strong values. Zaids can be a stubborn man and we don’t always see eye to eye, but boy is he wise. When he believes in something, he really believes in it.

When it comes to making rules, he doesn’t budge. For example, he never mixes family and business. The professional at work is different from the person at home and no one from home plays a role at work. That rule has stood for over 50 years.

My grandfather has an amazing career. He manages to be both, successful at work and loved at home. I admire what he is able to accomplish and ponder his key to success. The best theory I’ve established is that he has an uncompromising set of values.

Undefined Values Can Lead to Poor Decisions

Undecided values result in cloudy and poor decision making. One can be tempted to chose the most profitable or simplest options available. That’s just human nature, but that’s also very neglectful. When decisions are made with uncertainty or laziness it doesn’t contribute to a reason of existence.

Everyone needs a reason to exist in order to have a meaningful life. If you are searching for meaning, the result is more likely to be profound if you search alone.

If your defined meaning is to make a quick buck, you can probably get by in today’s world, but at what cost? Think about what your friends think or you? Your family? What do they say when you’re not in the room? Or better yet, what will they say when after your time on this planet expires?

If you’re not at peace, don’t worry, it’s not too late. But first, stop being uber productive! Stop putting the final touches on that presentation. Stop reviewing last quarter’s earnings. Breathe, hug yourself and search within you for what matters most. Take the time to do some soul searching. Travelling, walking, exercising and reading are all activities that can help define your values. And to maximize the return on your time, I would suggest you do these activities alone.

So Finally, Why Honesty?

I have to thank my dad for this, my dad can’t tell a lie and I take after him. If either of us lies we will instantly turn red, break eye contact and change tone of voice. I consider this a stroke of good luck. This forces me to face problems head-on because I can’t weasel my way out of them. I have to tell the truth because I absolutely hate getting caught in a lie.

I roll with the punches and when something goes wrong I’m honest and own up to it.

My inability to tell a proper lie got me to realize that being truthful and transparent to the people around me allows me to be proud of myself no matter what. After making a tough decision I can always look you in the eye with no shame whatsoever.

Let’s be real, I can’t love someone I lie to and I don’t expect someone who lies to me, to actually love me, or perhaps themselves.

When you’re about to make a decision, ask yourself, ‘can I tell my mother what I just did or do I have to lie to her?’ If you think you’re going have to lie to her, then I’m going to be straight up honest with you… You’re about to make the wrong decision.

Decide what your values are. Own them. Rely on them. Live by them. Use your moral compass and you’ll be rewarded with good decisions that bring meaning to your existence.

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