Reasoning With Lady Luck

Express gratitude for your existence and she will reward you.

Jamie Astromalo
Feb 7, 2018 · 5 min read

Do you feel lucky today? I hope so. I hope because you are lucky today. At this moment you have internet access, a charged battery and so much free time on your hands that you decided to read an article written by me, a semi-professional writer.

In case you were wondering about me, I feel lucky today! But I wasn’t feeling that way the past few weeks. I felt down and that nothing was going my way. No home-court advantage, no sunshine over my shoulder and no lucky penny at my feet.

What changed and brought lady luck my way?

Nothing tangible but something psychologically did — I consciously decided to be more grateful.

A shift to be more grateful filled my tank up with new life and energy, but how does one bring about change and decide to be more grateful?

The Catalyst For Change

‘Catalyst’ is a very scientific word and while I’m no neurologist, I’m sure some expert out there can explain the science behind luck. Despite my unfamiliarity with this field of science, I have my own “math meets psychology” formula that improves my likelihood of experiencing ‘luck’. Here I share it with you:

{Love + Awareness} * Gratitude = Luck

Hint: The ‘secret sauce’ or the most influential variable is Gratitude ;)

Multiplier #1: Combining Love and Awareness

Firstly, love relates to the amount of love you actively seek in your life. Note, this equation is not about having large quantities of love, it’s about chasing after love.

Seeking love can be done by bringing together the people that matter to you most, be it family, close friends, life-partners or strangers (tangent: strangers are a good source of knowledge and if you love learning then you will probably love talking to strangers).

Seeking love can also be done by immersing yourself in activities that energize you and cause you to lose track of time. For me, nothing makes me lose my inhibitions more than travel. It fills me up with a new outlook on life and gives me a different perspective on how to look at the world. Another activity that attracts love is purposeful work. When I’m putting in hours for projects that I genuinely believe in, I attract people with shared values.

Secondly, awareness is essential to love because if you can’t recognize the love in your life, then you can’t appreciate what it feels like. Being self-aware is not an easy feat unless you are a very secure individual and totally honest with yourself.

In my experience, self-awareness develops when I perform these 3 tasks.

  • Seek feedback from people I can count on to be honest with me (to know who these people are, refer to the people you seek love from).
  • Conduct social experiments. A cheeky example of this would be to create an awkward situation, often stemming from a weird joke, and observing the reactions of the people affected. This helps me gauge my levels of self-comfort and security relative to others in a public setting. By being aware of how I compare to others I become self-aware of how I rank among my peers.
  • Gossip. I know the word ‘gossip’ has a stigma around it, but let’s consider “gossip” as a means of comparison. Our species’ ability to communicate is essential to evolutionary success. In connection to awareness, being aware of characteristics and values held by the people in your sphere helps you categorize where you currently stand or where you strive to be.

Combining super-special people and time-neglecting activities with the awareness of when these people and activities are present, creates the salient feeling of love. This summation equates to the first multiplier of the ‘Luck’ formula.

Multiplier #2: Expressions of Gratitude

The second multiplier is a little more straightforward — just be thankful. Every. Single. Day.

This is easier said than done because gratitude must become part of your routine. Consistency is about as difficult to achieve as getting to the gym for 7 am. The first time around it’s hard and you may not be good at it but after lots of repetition, it gets way easier. In fact, you can feel withdrawals when skipping out on the routine. The same is true for a gratitude routine.

Since I’m a hardcore nature lover, I was able to incorporate gratitude into my routine quite easily because I walk every day. This means I expose myself to the parts of this world I love most; the element, trees around me and skies above.

If we could compare my ‘grateful-walk-routine’ to religion, then the landscape I walk is my temple, the force of nature is my god and my (mostly) internal expressions of gratitude are my prayers.

If you’re curious about what I’m grateful for, then you may be surprised that it’s the simplest of things. These include access to education, supportive parents, two functioning legs, the right to speak freely, eye-sight to admire beauty, and ability to breathe fresh air.

I remind myself of how LUCKY I am to experience these simple joy and I feel grateful.

I’m Feeling Lucky

I guess the resulting luck stems from an ability to recognize all the lovely simple privileges most of us have while fully understanding that this world is cruel and many other deserving people do not share the same luck we do. There is always someone out there suffering worse than you. When you realize this, then it’s much easier to appreciate your position in the universe.

Gratitude disclaimer: Always be grateful for what you have, not what you’re missing. Don’t waste time or energy being jealous of what others have because there are many people out there right now who are envious of you.

If my maths are correct and you test out the formula, then lady luck will knock on your door shortly. When she does, don’t forget to let her in.

Jamie Astromalo

Written by

Storyteller | Font Geek | Nature Lover | Plant-based | Sustainist— Grounded earthling with an imagination that ventures to and through time, space and emotion

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