Blockchain & Internet: a match made in Space

Astrome Technologies

Over past few articles published from Astrome, the terms SpaceNet, and SpaceWave must have caught your attention. Nevertheless, for the uninitiated: SpaceNet is Astrome’s constellation of 198 satellites endeavouring to revolutionise the internet delivery in developing countries. Each satellite will leverage our innovative mmWave technology to provide high speed, reliable and yet affordable broadband services even in the remotest corners of the developing world, hitherto disconnected. SpaceWave is the name of the utility token that Astrome has developed on the Ethereum (ERC20) platform. This token is now available on Astrome’s SpaceWave ICO website.

It is natural to wonder how on earth these two seemingly unrelated things are connected, SpaceWave the blockchain solution and SpaceNet the satellite constellation. Let’s explore this marriage of blockchain, internet, and space technology.

Why Blockchain?

We are ushering (more like darting) into a new era of digitisation! Internet is rapidly becoming an indispensable part of our lives as it is growing fast, especially in developing countries and shaping many emerging economies around the globe. In Southeast Asian countries like Thailand or Latin-American countries like Brazil, the digital economy will contribute to more than 50% of GDP. However, for this revolution to reap good dividends over long term, the digital economy must have two essential traits, security and transparency. This is where blockchain comes in the picture.

Source: Autonomous Research

At forefront of this revolution would be what is now being termed as “Web 3.0”. This new avatar of Internet aspires to have features like decentralised architecture and ubiquitous connectivity. In layman terms, it aims to have a vast number of servers spread uniformly across the globe; it intends to build a reliable blockchain backbone for online payments to increase transparency and it aspires to destroy the monopoly of big players to distribute the economic benefits of internet over all of its users.

What is the Role of Astrome ?

Short answer? Astrome is where the state-of-the-art internet meets blockchain. SpaceNet puts us in a unique position to spearhead this upgrade to Web 3.0 by integrating blockchain into our financial layer. Blockchain, by its very definition, would decentralise our network infrastructure, making SpaceNet truly distributed.

Our Gameplan

We have launched SpaceWave tokens (called SPW tokens for brevity) which will exclusively form the financial backbone of Astrome’s SpaceNet. For starters, we are conducting an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) during which these tokens will be based on ERC20, only to migrate later on Astrome’s SpaceWave mainnet. These tokens can be purchased in fiat currencies such as EUR € or a host of different cryptocurrencies. The purchased SPW tokens can primarily be used for buying SpaceNet internet services starting from 2022. They can also be used for earning more tokens from block rewards as delegates. The tokens can also be traded as resold internet capacity on exchanges and, once the mainnet is live, on “Astrome Marketplace.” Having SpaceWave blockchain as the financial layer of SpaceNet would not only decentralise it but also make it easily scalable and secure.

What does SpaceWave offer to Space Industry?

Ever since its inception, space industry has been heavily dominated by government space agencies and large private corporations, so much so that their formidable monopoly had created a seemingly insurmountable entry barrier for smaller players. However, in the last couple of decades, the advances in electronics coupled with realisation of reusable launch vehicles has reduced size and cost of satellite building drastically. This in turn has brought down the aforementioned barrier somewhat by powering a “small satellite boom”. Tokenising our internet delivery from space we would reduce this entry level barrier even further, creating a widely distributed ecosystem more conducive for smaller players to contribute.

What does SpaceNet offer to Blockchain and Digitisation

The spread of blockchain technologies is totally reliant on availability and spread of internet in the first place. Which implies that SpaceNet’s ability to provide an all pervasive connectivity will in effect catalyse a large scale adoption of blockchain technologies and IoT.

Blockchain and its applications. Source: Nation Research Council Canada

An increasing number of corporate players from banking, insurance, e-commerce and even social networking are embracing the blockchain tech. We are paving way for the age of ubiquitous computing by establishing a strong nexus between Next-Gen internet and blockchain tech through this unique matrimony of SpaceNet and SpaceWave!

Pranav Keskar,
Astrome Space Technologies

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