As I mentioned earlier, this means more and more of your favorite apps are going to start looking like one another. Why? Much like the NFL, tech is a copycat league. These redesigns were met with generally positive reviews (some people are complaining about a ‘lack of personality’ in these new black and white UIs but they’ll soon get over that. You open an app for it’s functionality, not it’s personality) so I expect apps both new and old to start jumping on the CR bandwagon.
Complexion Reduction: A New Trend in Mobile Design
Michael Horton

Reminds me a bit of what happened in web design. The myriad of, mostly Flash, websites, competing to be the most originally looking, the interactive agencies racing to get the next award for the creative direction — fast forward to — nowadays websites that all look the same (wide horizontal stripes of colour/photo interlaced with white areas of text; the same full width solid colour top menus with logos on the left, a lot of white, a lot of simple shapes, long shadows, flat geometric-ish illustrations…)

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