A 17 y/o’s views on Nietzsche’s philosophy.

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Black Panther. Wonder Woman. Iron Man.

I’ve always aspired to be like them and other superheroes…

& some villains too.

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Shego. Is. Wow.

But alas, I was not born with superhuman abilities (super speed, strength, teleportation abilities) and I haven’t had any wild superpower-granting event happen to me yet.

Seeing superhumans in books + movies made me wish I had cool abilities.

I would secretly hope that one day I’d get bitten by a radioactive spider or be called out of class one day because I was being recruited to a real-life version of S.H.I.E.L.D.

As I grew up, I realized this was likely not going to happen. …

An introduction to Futureshot Factory.

It’s 2020. We have yet to solve climate change, poverty, and many other global problems. Something needs to change.

Myself (Adara Hagman) and my co-founder Riya Mehta both care greatly about social justice issues happening around the globe.

In December 2019, we sat in a room for several hours and tried to break down some of the world’s biggest problems on a whiteboard.

We both wanted to do something more. We wanted to see more action towards solving some of the world’s greatest challenges, specifically the United Nation’s (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Futureshot Factory was soon born a project to help address moonshots like the UN’s SDGs. …

An Introduction To Bugriculture 🦗

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Credit: Fast Company

What will your dinner plate look like in 2040?

I ask myself this question, quite often because I love thinking about what the future could look like and I believe that the best way to predict the future is to create it. 🔑

If the future is whatever we decide to create, then let’s change this question.

What does food production for our current food look like today and where does it need improvement?

Today (writing this in May 2020 👋🏼) the way we produce food is highly inefficient wasting large amounts of resources (land, water, etc.), is one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions with approximately 24% of carbon emissions being emitted from agriculture sources every year (EPA), and if that’s not enough we also have something called “ the food crisis.”


Adara Hagman

17 y/o Futurist and Circular Systems Researcher. On a mission to help further SDG action with a focus on SDG #13 — Climate Action. 🌎

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