Will and George get haircuts

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2 min readJan 7, 2017

For many fans, the offseason is spent pondering how their team can improve for the next season. What moves can the team make? Which players are or aren’t coming back? Who is available in trades or free agency? Should I tweet ridiculously complex, multi-player trade ideas to the team Twitter account and get mad when that doesn’t happen? (No.) All that good stuff.

For 7-year-old Will Erickson though, it was spent worrying about one thing: Jeff Luhnow not trading George Springer.

In fact, Will was so concerned about a possible trade that he sent a letter to Jeff with some convincing arguments:

The letter was picked up a couple of times and eventually made it’s way to George himself. He loved it. George invited Will, his brother Jay, and parents, Aaron and Michelle, to Minute Maid Park, where he gave them a tour of the clubhouse, dugout, and of course, they got their hair cut:

Will was (obviously) hilarious. Some highlights:

  • “I’m glad you didn’t go to Detroit,” he said seconds after meeting and being starstruck.
  • He got a George Springer bobblehead for Christmas and was so excited that he dropped and broke it.
  • He watches every game at night, records it, and rewatches in the morning to see more of George.

All in all, it was a fun (and productive) day at the park — and it doesn’t end there! Will and family will be back at Minute Maid this season to catch a game and batting practice, courtesy of George. Hopefully he brings the mohawk with him.



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