30 Days of Poetry

The image was taken by the author. A sunrise at Mayaro Beach, Trinidad & Tobago Circa 2016

Renegade light on a damp summer’s morn,
You tear through my gaze.
Illuminating a path to capture I’m sworn,
A guide through the haze.

The road to you, though long and exhausting,
It is in a sense, my purpose here.
Displaying you, a subtle boasting,
Selling my soul for likes, for shares.

Penning this verse, realization brings,
What on earth am I doing here?
Sabotage, I’m always clipping my wings,
For flying, there is only fear.

What would I do, if I could not fail?
Would I keep steady until my rapture?
If steady winds weren’t beneath my sails,
Could I still find light to capture?




Photography enthusiast who's trying to navigate this journey. Unless otherwise stated, all images are my own.