3 Reasons Why I’d Use Facebook Ads If I Had To Start My Business Over From Scratch

A client asked me recently, “If you had to start your business over from scratch tomorrow and could only pick one digital marketing tactic to get customers fast, what would it be?”

Without a pause, I said Facebook Ads.

Here’s why…

Reason 1

The ability to drive large amounts of cheap, laser-targeted traffic.

As of today, Facebook has over 1.2 billion users worldwide and they collect 98 personal data points on each user. With all this customer data available, options for targeting are endless.

Here’s how I used this highly-targeted, cheap traffic to drive results:

  • Built an email list up from 1,001 to 25,434 in 6 months (this list went on to generate over $200,000 in revenue to date)
  • Generated over 2.8 million YouTube video views for an interior design company
  • Produced a consistent flow of thousands of monthly visitors for various blogs and websites

Reason 2

The ability to retarget traffic from websites and landing pages.

Using the Facebook Tracking Pixel, small business owners have the ability to capture information from people who visit their website and build custom audience groups that can be marketed to on Facebook.

You can reach a larger audience by creating lookalike audiences from these custom audiences and then market to millions of people who have similar interests as your website visitors, email list subscribers or past customers and clients.

Here’s how I’ve used the retargeting feature:

  • To generate 1,241 webinar sign ups in 7 days
  • To drive over 26,000 digital catalog downloads

Reason 3

The ability to promote local service based businesses directly to customers.

Facebook has the ability to target people who are near your business geographically with an ad promoting your business.

I’ve used this local promotion feature to:

  • Increase foot traffic for a retail store on-demand
  • Promote a flash sale to reduce warehoused inventory
  • Promote a local body fat testing event for a gym

I’d love to know — what online strategies would you use if you were starting over?

What’s been your experience with Facebook ads?

Fyi, you’ve probably guessed that we run quite a bit of Facebook Ad campaigns for clients here at Astute Social Media. If you’d like to see some sample campaigns to generate ideas, get the details on what to expect when running your own campaigns or view FAQ’s we’ve gotten from clients on Facebook Ads over the years, feel free to visit our website at AstuteSocialMedia.com.