Amen! I’ve spent the best part of 2 months trying to get my portfolio sorted and online… and it is…
Cerven Cotter

Thanks for taking the time to read this Cerven Cotter. I hear your pain. I think the process has been so one-sided for so long and applicants are always seen as the subordinate in this job application process. But, just like the shift has happened elsewhere in how companies are engaging with consumers, I think we need to approach this job application process with a lot more empathy than we have in previous years. Unfortunately, changing the culture of a business and/or recruiters is tough. Like with everything, “that’s the way they’ve done it for a long time.” That doesn’t means it’s right though.

I can only hope that approaches like ours at Cogent will set an example for other businesses to follow. In the end, every business wants the best candidate for the job and the applicants wants to find a place of work that puts the human first, instead of the role. We haven’t done this before and so we’re going to try it, and measure it. My hypothesis is that there’ll be immense economic benefit in spending more time up front in trying to understand the candidate so that we hire and invest in the right person. The best outcome for me is that I get to work with happier people… and who wouldn’t want that?